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  1. Dislike some who feels they are better than the rest, but we know them better than they know thyselves
  2. what way has PD added positively? To me am always happy every time I wake up and my PD is waiting for me to chat up and roll some dice. I love the community and the trends I see and feel. Mind sharing yours?
  3. but some mix it alongside maths and luck..
  4. hey guys, just thought I ask my fellow rollers how you feel before and after you 'yoloed' your last balance. Sometimes people say it sometimes saves the day, and to some it is certainly a nightmare.
  5. lol Edward ad we say yes to that
  6. Good Lord... I dont know why you try to cheat and try to be a 'smartypant' as Sir Milan put it simply.
  7. could be defaulting on loans or being a BAD GUY with a miserable heart to anything bad and dreadful