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    ullikah reacted to Ladylovelynn in Additional topics in "General discussions"   
    Nice idea.. that will be our getting to know MORE about your country section..
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    ullikah reacted to RabMalfoy in To hit or not to hit women?   
    Hit, when they hit first.
    For me, Being a girl doesn't give us right to beat men then file a case when men hit back.
    What do you think?
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    ullikah got a reaction from 3mily in My favorite strategy ! 11% always make me rich   
    The only strategies you can call a real "strategie" are those that work constantly and for more than on player... but never forget that in every strategie you will always loose some in between its just if the strategie is good enough to help you compensating for losses you make in between...
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    ullikah reacted to 3mily in My favorite strategy ! 11% always make me rich   
    by definition if you want to share a strategy define it , not just quote the word , like 11% what ? also there is a pretty big step from that 10k to the 0.02 , not to mention that some bet id or at least some screen shots would be nice to have  i dont't doubt that you won but anyone can get lucky at least one time and then call that a strategy
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    ullikah got a reaction from Dan in Why not adopt bitcointalk policy on earning from pay to post?   
    I agree, that in order to be able to earn bits a new user should have climbed at least one rank with quality posts... or at least with posts that let assume the try of real contribution to the forum (not everyone has the same level of English that should be considered).