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  1. This might be a good strategy in combination with setting a daily goal and then bank the profit... afterwards anyone can still do some rolls for fun with faucet.
  2. Could be interesting to see what would happen if you refine your strategy,
  3. This is definitely a very good advise... especially for those who just can't handle gambling. I try to apply something similar to my game but never refined it like you did here.
  4. I don't use any earnings. I only play with faucet. Yeah it is difficult but it is possible if you are patient and disciplined.
  5. I'm still here... read through the current topics ... but so far I haven't seen much where I felt the urge to contribute to be honest... This might be because of a general decrease of topics overall... that includes the sections where there were never any PPP in the first place...
  6. ullikah

    196 countries

    Let me know if you'd like to spent a couple of days in England. I can help with finding affordable accomodation in the North.
  7. Yes, that is something that would be of interest to me as well... very much so... As it happened I got a beggar PM... instantly reported it publicly in chat and nothing was done about it... quite the contrary... I had to take some offensive verbal abuse for it, also publicly... likewise without any reaction from the mod team... cool how for some the rules are different than for others.
  8. Sometimes jealousy can be a powerful motivation for some people to behave negative towards others. I think you deserved to win the title.
  9. Yeah it is a very interesting fact... however for us humans it really is mostly a head thing with which we deny our selfes a better sex life... we could have it soooooo much better than we actually do just because we let an artificial morality govern out sex lifes and judge everything that is besides the common missionary position as filthy and reject it as "bad" just because we have a superstitious believe in an imaginary almighty living in the sky who doesn't want us to experience what our bodies are capable of... I disagree with this attitude and argue that if "God", who ever that is, didn't want us to experience more than we allow our selfes to, he wouldn't have given us such bodies that are able to feel so much more sensations than what we allow us to have. Its a head thing with us humans... and I have to say a very unhealthy one.
  10. This is where China and Russia are going to clash soon. Russia is essentially using and supporting Bitcoin because it is neutral and independent from the global FED led Central Banking System and its FIAT money system... however Chinas Central Bank is still partially under control of the same FED led central Banking System that promotes FIAT money...
  11. ullikah

    Cartagena, Spain

    In truth there are a lot of really beautiful places in Spain.
  12. There is a Village in Austria that is famous for its Beer... Its a pale "Pilsener" Beer. In Austria the spoken language is German. The German word for "Pale" is "Hell" The Village is called "Fucking"... This is their BEER: Google Maps Proof: https://www.google.de/maps/place/5121+Fucking,+Austria/@48.0702317,12.8461671,11.26z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4775d4854dbcba19:0x802456ee60b72a17!8m2!3d48.0673299!4d12.8633177?hl=en
  13. The remaining time is short but I'll try without violating @Dan's guide for meaningful content... username: darthU
  14. No offence taken... I was a bit to hasty with my post... When I realised it was a joke of yours my post was already out... so yeah facepalm for me then...
  15. So basically, Ravenyvolle wanted to leave you a hint without making it public and you moron blew it for her by posting your screenshot ... good going there mate... I assume that won't help your chances with her, quite the oposit I may say... lol I wouldn't say that I have an ideal partner as such. It's more a matter of if it clicks between me and her, who every she is. Love is the greatest mystery of them all, it makes you be with someone you'd never thought about in the first place...