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  1. I see a lot of spam, and the users I reported for it still remain, so I am just not reporting it anymore. I know it's hard launching a forum and that being strict will probably drive some users away...but when you come to a forum and you see shitposting/spam every few posts it's really discouraging to members who are looking for a literate place to communicate with other primedice users that is lacking from the websites chat function. Right now I feel like all we have going is an archived version of chat split into sections.
  2. Hello, I am trying to get a bit of insight into how other people shop for their electronic needs so I figured I would ask a few questions here and see what kind of feedback I can get. 1) Do you purchase electronics from a specific place? (If so, why?) 2) Do warranties have any influence in your purchases? (Are you willing to pay more, for a warranty?) 3) How often do you upgrade your computer components? ;D Thanks
  3. A 0% house edge would literally sink PD. The house edge is what ensure that the casino makes money, without one you are going to get people who have the ability to deposit 40-50BTC, and just go to town on it for a whole 24 hours.... (I'm not saying it would happen fast, but there have been plenty of low house edge casinos get shut down because whales)
  4. Silky

    Last letter game

    Hound -> Depreciated
  5. I dislike 90% of social media websites. Facebook = Highschool Message Boards Twitter = Lets see how stupid we can sound in 60 characters (The initial idea behind twitter was pretty cool, what it became is shit) Youtube = Nazi Video Pirates Instagram = Were aaaaallllllll models! (or professional photographers because once in high school I was on yearbook and now I bought a $150 camera)
  6. I feel like there's a bit of fuckery going on in this thread, but I'm not going to talk about that because it's none of my business. I honestly can't think of anyone who isn't already a mod I would nominate.
  7. My favorite dog breed is definitely black labs, I've been around them my whole life and they're really loyal fun loving dogs as long as you properly take care of them.
  8. Nah, I think the faucet works fine as it is, the whole point of it starting out low is to keep people from building up faucet on alts and then faucet farming. I would prefer for it to stay that way because I've seen first hand how many alts some people have.
  9. I've been to the casinos in Vegas a LOT. For a few years I actually paid most of my bills that way and banked the extra into an account. I would leave with $250, play blackjack/slots and I could usually walk out with around $600 after an hour or two if I was having a good night. Sure sometimes it didn't work, but the atmosphere was always really great even when I ended up busting (not to mention at some you get a card that builds points for free drinks/hotel rooms and I used have access to some exclusive places, but I don't really like being around people who are blowing $4-$5k a game....)
  10. Odds are it's not worth it unless you already have the miners laying around for your use.
  11. I heard about bitcoin somewhere in the 2010-2011 time slot. I originally got a few coins from a friend, but I really didn't know anything about it so I just let it sit and forgot about it for a few years. Forward to 2014 and the few coins my friend gave me a while back were worth a few thousand dollars, so I sold some of them, gambled some of them, and then saved the rest until bitcoin hit 1K$ and then sold them and bought some much-needed stuff. My friend who sent me the coins originally actually has a few hundred thousand dollars worth of BTC that he keeps hold of and sells on LBC when he needs things.
  12. Ditto, I've been waiting on some official rules for a while. I get that they are trying to move traffic on the forum and get it out there, but I feel like having a whole lot of posts and topics that actually have no substance to the post may drive people away from this place, especially when sometimes it's nearly impossible to reply to a thread in any kind of conductive manner, that usually ends up making me just lurk instead of post. I mean hell look at the board statistics User Giveaways (Non Official) 964 Primedice General Discussion 685 Introduce Yourself 641 Primedice Giveaway The third highest posted in section is the introduction sub, where most of the post are a very very generic "Hey, welcome to primedice". I don't really have a problem with it, but I would like to see it become a post-count less section as to avoid people going there ONLY for the post count/points. I also think spam is any reply that is a quick "Oh yeah me too" or "that's so cool" and stuff like that because it doesn't really give anyone else anything to build more conversation upon and while I realize that not everyone will be able to have something to add that can be built upon, a lot more thought can be put into a reply than just "hahaha man your crazy".
  13. Do what you want to do because we all die in the end and if you don't do what you want to do because of someone else's opinion of it then you really aren't living! I have more of a problem with the people who protest anti-gay agendas, at a gay event......
  14. Silky

    Mr. Google

    I'm pretty sure that's the usual stuff that comes up any time you search a casino/market/any kind of place that provides a service. At least any time I try to verify a site's legitimacy any time I put the URL in search stuff like that pops up first.
  15. Honestly don't have one.....conventional porn stars don't do it for me and I find it really bland and boring when they're doing all that fake ass moaning and shit.