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  1. What an interesting combo, but I sure hope you’re not shooting for a goal such as buying a house gambling. While it is a very far-fetched dream to have, you might want to be more realistic with your goals. Not to be a pessimistic discouraging jackal, but people that want to buy houses are rarely ever doing it after they’ve won big in a casino online or on land. While it may be a dream scenario, don’t rely on that dream ever coming to fruition or you may lose a lot money chasing something that just has no realistic shot of ever happening. Don’t want to be a downer, but stick with a more down to earth goal. The puppy would more down this line of thinking.
  2. I say it climbs no higher than $15,000 as yet again I believe another burst of the bubble will happen as it did when it reached $20,000 in 2017, if I remember correctly.
  3. Gambling is not about the return of profit more or less it’s about the entertainment value it brings to us as a group of gamblers that are trying to find a fun way to immerse ourselves in some fun. I still believe that the problem lies within the compulsiveness of any thing that we do and that is something we cannot maintain for a long period of time. I would like to see more people be able to control these certain vices but in that case, gambling websites would not be as profitable as they are now. As a society built on having the best things to show off in our daily lives, gambling serves as the quickest way to reach that, if we find ourselves on the better end of luck.
  4. I dice with no objective every single time I play because that’s the whole point of playing is the fact that there should be no objective in playing something. If it’s a job, then yes there’s an objective or task that needs to be completed but as far as gambling is concerned, for me at least, if I leave it to a task-free zone, then I am able to have more fun and enjoy my time without being stressed out about the form of entertainment that I am partaking in. Just play and see how you do next time before you start working about objectives needing to be completed.
  5. Now I’m watching sandlot. Great baseball movie and great sports movie of all time
  6. Knowing a limit to set in gambling is a high priority for me in avoiding a mental collapse. As I stated previously, a few gambling sessions doesn’t cause a mental disorder nor a mental pariah that causes issues. It’s the repetitive nature of gambling that can cause a person the mental anguish that would be mis-diagnosed as a “mental disorder”. A mental disorder is something that is caused by an actual event or events such as being born with it or something like PTSD. I am one to think that even the most degenerate of all gamblers don’t particularly have a disorder but more or less a problem with any addictive behavior. Hypothetically cut the gambling out and replace it with alcohol and I would be sure that the person would have a problem with drinking.
  7. As I saw above somebody listed their strategy and I have to question why it is everybody thinks there is a strategy to playing a game of random numbers and choosing whether or not that the number that will be rolled will be higher or lower than what it is set at. The truthful fact is there is no such strategy that is ever going to be “strategic” in a game of chance such as dice or any other game that primedice or stake or any casino will offer that you can say works. As the house always has the advantage, a strategy is a moot point. Sure you will win doing some sort of method, but it isn’t a “strategy“ if it’s not universal. The best way to cut losses is by making larger bets less often. It’s a matter of variance in statistics.
  8. I’m actually watching 21 right now, a movie about counting cards. Definitely not applicable anywhere anymore but it’s still an enjoyable movie.
  9. All the highroller icon seems to do for me is gain unwanted attention and people adding me as friends that probably think I’m going to tip them because I’m winning, when in all actuality, it’s honestly just more annoying than anything. I’d say that unfortunately though there will be no bonus because of the fact of the VIP program basically taking into account this sort of wagering behavior. I don’t know what kind of bonus you would think would be sufficient enough to be implemented, but rakeback kind of takes care of a “bonus” for wagering and is of course, a % of whatever has been wagered
  10. Rage bets have been my downfall ever since I started to gamble when I first began when I was around 18. Sometimes you just can’t help the fact that you are losing and honestly just say to hell with it. I’d say 30% of the time for me it works out, but I either double up or I bust out and close my laptop either way. I have to go on a very bad losing streak in order to do a rage bet though. The highest I’ve ever rage bet was $6,000 and I ended up with a push with the dealer playing blackjack. I calmed down after my heart was racing at what felt like 300 beats per minute and ended up cashing out with $9,500 after starting with $200. I proceeded to then book a cruise and gave them the $4,000 that I had left in their casino. But all in all that was a very fun and emotional roller coaster I went on.
  11. One that brings back nostalgic vibes for me is 50 cent’s In Da Club. I enjoyed it as a 12 year old as it was my favorite song
  12. Four days straight of not having a loss streak of more than 22 is doable but since the OP has provided no proof, I am hesitant to want to believe it. Even with a larger bank roll of 1 bitcoin, it seems highly improbable within a span of 96 hours, that a streak of 27 or 28 didn’t come and 0 you out. If you could post some sort of proof of the results that’d be great but for anybody thinking this is a way to win, I’d be cautious because it seems highly unlikely that you be able to yield the same results and martingale is only as good until you hit a bad streak then it’s a pretty bad method. Please come back and share the results though, anyway, OP. I’d love to see them.
  13. This day in age you can make an argument for anything creating a mental health disorder. While I agree that it does cause a chemical overload in the brain sometimes can be described by certain doctors as a “disorder”, I believe that it is only in extreme cases and can’t be considered the normal result, given a larger sample size. As with anything, moderation is key when it comes to any sort of repetitive exercise, whether it be physical, emotional, or in this case, mental. Too many times we are quick to call something a disorder or a disease, when in reality, it literally just may be an overload of one specific thing. For example, people that are obese can claim that they have an eating disorder, when really all it can be is a unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
  14. I love to go any place a cruise ship takes me. They are by far the best value when it comes to spending money on a vacation because everything is included for the most part, and you don’t have to worry about making plans or commuting to different areas as they provide that for you
  15. I usually just gamble even more with it. Since I’ve already predetermined I’m going to lose my initial deposit anyway, I figure what I’ve won (which seems to be less than what I’ve deposited, if I win at all) would just be redeposited, it just makes sense to keep playing with it. If I were to win a significant amount, I might use it to go on a vacation or something leisurely but I don’t use gambling winnings for everyday expenses or needs since I already have that budgeted within my monthly allocation towards expenses.