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  1. I for one loved all the giveaways last year (who doesn’t) but I believe it was in March or April. Does anybody know if they’ll be doing it again this year? I especially liked the Keno Edward did on his stream where we picked 10 numbers and watched him roll on PD to see what the 10 numbers would be. @Dan do you know anything that might be upcoming for year #5? Happy Early Birthday by the way PD. I know the last year, with the inception of stake and the bitcoin price shooting up like a rocket, play has been down but it’s still my #1 overall go to as far as the community aspect is concerned. Best bunch of losers I know lol. I gave out about .075 of bitcoin during their birthday because it was so fun to be a part of it.
  2. I dont think a famous person controls the bitcoin market, i think the public does a better job doing that. The threat of government, yes. A famous person...I don't think Leonardo DiCaprio will be making a negative statement on bitcoin and it immediately collapsing.
  3. Isn’t the math wrong on this? I am thoroughly confused as to how you are getting 1 BTC in 468 days with 100 satoshi. Even if you compound that, 3% daily rate it’s not going to add up to nearly that much. You’re only making 3 satoshi then 3.09 then 3.09027 etc. how did you come up with one bitcoin? That’s like giving someone $100 bucks and then saying 3% interest a day will equal to $100,000,000 in less than a year and a half. I think you’ve messed up somewhere in your equation. Because you can’t keep adding the base value of 100 since the faucet can’t be claimed unless you have a 0 balance...or I’m just not getting it. But there’s no way you turn 100 satoshi into a bitcoin by only gaining 3%/per day..
  4. So judging by the transaction, this was deposited into this address nearly 7 years ago, and they are trying to hack it? I don’t understand the concept of this. Is it a challenge? Or are people just trying to steal it?
  5. My suggestion is that if you do trivia like you did today, make sure to type the question out in the chat so that the lag doesn’t affect some users ability to answer the question, in a timely manner. I was seeing answers before I heard the question. Other than that, I really enjoyed the group effort. It’s always fun to have multiple people on the same stream, and was quite enjoyable to watch, as we could see faces and not have to just hear a voice while they are playing on the site. I think you’ll get a ton more viewers if it starts on time (not saying this in a rude way) but i noticed quite a few people left before you all even started. Overall, it was a great first stream though and I speak for most when we say we hope you’ll do it again soon. It’s nice to see support get in on the fun too!
  6. With Bitcoin booming, I have noticed a lot more of alternative cryptocurrencies popping up everywhere. I honestly feel like that is a bad move for the industry and will affect bitcoin negatively the more coins that are created. What really bothers me is “token sales” for some of these alts. Does anybody else think that it’s getting a bit out of hand?
  7. I cashed out .1 but technically that was for winning a contest but it was because of a post....so I guess .1 lol with this new payout system, I don’t think I’ll be getting to that number anytime soon
  8. Well well well, it looks like they brought back the pay per post because the traffic dipped a bit below where they wanted it. Who would have ever thought that? Sucks that all our balances got wiped out but at least its back. I saw this coming though. Stake kind of swallowed up all of PD forum traffic and in turn, made this place a damn near ghost town. Instead of being proactive in the beginning, PD was reactive and I just don't think they are going to get back what they lost.
  9. College football playoff betting has finally come (my favorite sport) Who you got Bama 2/1 Clemson 5/2 Georgia 3/1 Oklahoma 3/1 I like Oklahoma right now. I know not many people in this forum bet on college football but I think they provide great value, and look like the most complete team. Baker Mayfield will win the Heisman Trophy and deservedly so. So with the best player, and a great team around him, I think 3/1 is looking pretty good.
  10. ill lol to that only because it aint worth sats anymore
  11. Thanks for ruining such a good thing. Most of you that spam can't even form one comprehensible sentence, so you ruin it for the rest of us by saying something like "agreed". I feel like the manual cashout could prevent the abuse of actually paying the btc out to a PD account, but I don't know if I would want to take the time to fool with that either. Any way, big shout out to all you piece of shit spammers. Hope you spill a gallon of water all over whatever device you use to access the internet. And if you're a really shitty spammer, I hope it ends up electrocuting you.
  12. What does start guess will work? That makes no sense and why is 1 btc required? Why can't each individual break it into tenths if you require 10 units of btc
  13. That site was satoshibet.com. Never once did I question it's fairness. The owner treated his high rollers with nice rewards and I loved the simplicity of the site. I thought stake was going to be the new satoshibet, but 1) it looks like it is themed towards 5 year olds and 2) I question its fairness. The blackjack imparticularly. Sure do lose more than .4% house edge (which is confusing within itself, due to a decision being made)
  14. When will there be a happy hour again? I ask because when the faucet got lowered, Edward said this would lead to more consistent happy hours, and I don't know if there's been once since he said that. I know Bitcoin has jumped in price since then, but I'm guessing the biggest problem is when you bump it up to 5000 satoshi or more, people that don't have any intention on ever depositing, try to take advantage of that and never come back. I think you could bring happy hours back and that not be a problem if, instead of giving a set amount and adding it whatever faucet they already have, you just do a multiplier. So if you did x5 or x10 they are only getting 500 or 1000, instead of 5000 for signing up and leaving after an hour. This is just an idea, if you ever do decide to bring them back, but I think you would A) Not bear nearly the amount of a loss as before and B) discourage people since they wouldn't be getting such a huge amount. That would be for people who have actually wagered 10+BTC. If you switch to the multiplier and bump the tip up to .0005 or even .001, for the duration of the happy hour, you could bring them back without getting killed with your bottom dollar. @Edward@Dan