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  1. This day in age you can make an argument for anything creating a mental health disorder. While I agree that it does cause a chemical overload in the brain sometimes can be described by certain doctors as a “disorder”, I believe that it is only in extreme cases and can’t be considered the normal result, given a larger sample size. As with anything, moderation is key when it comes to any sort of repetitive exercise, whether it be physical, emotional, or in this case, mental. Too many times we are quick to call something a disorder or a disease, when in reality, it literally just may be an overload of one specific thing. For example, people that are obese can claim that they have an eating disorder, when really all it can be is a unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
  2. I love to go any place a cruise ship takes me. They are by far the best value when it comes to spending money on a vacation because everything is included for the most part, and you don’t have to worry about making plans or commuting to different areas as they provide that for you
  3. I usually just gamble even more with it. Since I’ve already predetermined I’m going to lose my initial deposit anyway, I figure what I’ve won (which seems to be less than what I’ve deposited, if I win at all) would just be redeposited, it just makes sense to keep playing with it. If I were to win a significant amount, I might use it to go on a vacation or something leisurely but I don’t use gambling winnings for everyday expenses or needs since I already have that budgeted within my monthly allocation towards expenses.
  4. Marvel has a way better production team these days. It might be churning out a ton and draining people’s wallets but DC is just not cutting it when it comes to keeping up with how Marvel is dominating the market.
  5. With the price of bitcoin as high as it is, who would ever wager enough to win the jackpot? To me “winning the jackpot“ is winning the full jackpot but not a percentage of the jackpot. To risk $100 a spin and try to get two of those in a row is not impossible, but virtually impossible. And plus as many people have said before, I find it highly doubtful that anybody even knows that they’ve hit two 77.77’s in a row because it’s going to be running on autobet to churn out the bets. It’s something that catches people’s eye but it’s an unrealistic ask at this point to make people wager $100 a spin. Granted that is $1,000,000+ if you hit it, but just not realistic and if a person ever does, 99% they won’t even know they did.
  6. If anybody has not watched the Witcher yet on Netflix, I highly recommend that you do so. As with most good series, it will take an episode or two for you to get fully dedicated to watching this, but as someone who is not particularly a fan of fantasy type of fiction, I find myself actually enjoying this series, like I did for the first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. I’m already excited for season 2 that comes out next year, and highly recommend this series.
  7. I disagree that it always leads to failure. Some people perform well under pressure when it comes to certain things in life such as sports or maybe making a creative decision when a person’s back is against a wall. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself though, is a different story. People that tend to do this will fail because of pressure that is of one’s onPutting unnecessary pressure on yourself though, is a different story. People that tend to do this will fail because of pressure that is of one’s own attrition. Putting pressure on one’s self is definitely an example of this because you are adding a completely unnecessary factor to what is supposed to be a form of entertainment rather than one of stress. Sometimes pressure can’t be avoided but the one piece of advice I can give you is to never put pressure on yourself when it is not required.
  8. If you are concerned about donating to a charity, nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself. I’d much rather do it myself because it is a tax write off in the country that I live in, so not only am I donating to a great cause, I’m also able to write it off my earned income as tax deductible because the government allows up us to not be taxed on a portion of our salary, if given to a non-profit organization
  9. Gambling on the right things can make you rich, but gambling on games of chance will make you poor. Many people in the United States take risks on stocks and other investments that could be considered gambling, but it is a smarter “gamble” than gambling on games of chance that are statistically bound to have a negative return. So to answer your original query, depending on the type of gambling, really depends on whether it makes a person poor or rich, but for the most part, it doesn’t add income and it doesn’t keep it the same, so 99% chance it will make you poor before it makes you rich.
  10. The only reason the faucet was ever implemented was to bring in players to the site, but since they replaced it with coupons for regular users the faucet is very unnecessary and actually very abusable
  11. I believe pressure is part of anything that you participate in with a risk factor. Not so much pressure that is defined by what others may put on you, such as sports or performance at a job, but more along the lines of how you yourself are tasked with finding a level of success you are trying to reach. Whether it be to double your money triple your money, or just have fun and not lose all of your money, there is a pressure factor that is seeded within gambling and it just adds to the tough task of being able to come out profitable, if that is your goal.
  12. As Serlite said above it’s all about if the prize is equal to or larger than the wagering it takes to get there. If you are losing more than you would get if you successfully do the challenge, then it is absolutely asinine to even try it. I don’t know how the easy the challenges are on primedice compared to the Stake races but the races are completely not worth it because of how loaded the top is with high level gamblers that are wagering $125,000+ for a $1,500. Statistically there is only one person in that scenario that is expected to come out on the plus side, after you take a very conservative 1% house edge away from the wagering total. Honestly, without even knowing the challenge on PD, I’d have to assume it can’t be any worse than a very loss heavy stake “race” that leaves most people wondering why the heck they even participated in the first place.
  13. That is quite a lofty goal, OP. That is nearly 30 times what you are starting out with and I would be very cautious as to setting such a high goal. I wish you the best of luck, but personally even on my most gambling-happy of days, I think 5x is even stretching my luck.
  14. I don’t think anybody wants to intentionally bust to gain another VIP level because at the end of the day it’s not worth it. To say that you were intentionally busting is saying you were trying to lose on purpose. I’m thinking you’re meaning more along the lines of that you are playing regardless of whether you win or lose just so that you can reach another tier in the VIP progression. I would highly advise against that just because money is money and VIP level means absolutely nothing at the end of the day. Sure you make it some extra coupons are extra BTC in those coupons, but is it really worth losing actual BTC? How much are you willing to lose per 1% of progression? If the answer is anything about about 2500 satoshi, please reevaluate why you are even playing. VIP is supposed to be gained through a natural progression of wagering and thinking about it any more than that is not worth gaining VIP levels in the first place.
  15. I’m pretty sure they provide a link at the bottom of the page to help problem gambling but they are in the business of making money off of people who can’t control their impulses and gamble in the first place. Well I believe there is probably a solution that can be implemented into the website, just imagine that if you ran a website and you were making a lot of money off of that website, I would have to imagine that you would be hesitant to ever add a tool that prevented people from making you money. The fact is that if you are too prone to stop yourself from losing big chunks, and believe that you chasing a huge win that statistically won’t come, your probably shouldn’t be depositing funds in the first place. Always deposit what you can afford to lose and nothing more. Think of it as “hey instead of doing spending this money (and not getting it back on a night out or something like that), I’ll instead use that as gambling money” assume both as total losses and if you happen to win some, congratulations.