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  1. Bet: 58,502,721,240 placed by StevenWonder on 19/05/2020 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.00038409 Bet: 58,502,722,427 placed by StevenWonder on 19/05/2020 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.00038409 Bet: 58,502,724,352 placed by StevenWonder on 19/05/2020 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.00038409 Bet: 58,502,725,813 placed by StevenWonder on 19/05/2020 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.00038409
  2. I sure won’t. This forum is basically dead now. It was already dying because of how the replies were hard to understand from non English speakers and how much they seemed to just be repetitive. I don’t know why they are ending it. I mean 4 years and not even a whole bitcoin given out. Well bye primedice forum. And on their birthday week too. Props dan. Lol what a joke
  3. It’s been a hurt on my ability to make a deposit on a consistent basis and therefore I haven’t been playing as much or able to have much fun. I don’t think I’ll be able to play for a long time due to having to catch up since I’m quite behind financially. Probably not the worst thing in the world but since I’m rather controlled when I do gamble it does kind of suck that I’ll probably be relegated to only using the monthly bonuses they send. Oh well. At least I have my health and that’s more important than any cryptocurrency. Hope all is well with everyone and to remember to always remember what the actual important things are in life. Be safe everyone
  4. I was doing some research on the gambling and the effects it has during certain economic times and it’s kind of crazy to me that it is unwavering through the harshest of times. Many physical casinos have closed down to the pandemic but, of course, online casinos are unaffected as far as needing to be shut down for health concerns. I put it in an earlier topic about how effected you would personally be during these trying, unpredictable and unprecedented times but I wanted to do some some further research and I found some interesting facts. Now these facts that I present aren’t based on a pandemic of health nature but more of an economic weakness in a period of time. The only country I could find some good stats on was the United States, but for now, that will have to do. The last economic downturn of the United States was in 2008, when after due to a housing market crash, stocks plummeted and the United States hit a recession. Casinos and sportsbooks seemed unaffected though as YTD numbers seemed consistent with the previous year, and didn’t see much of a downturn compared to other industries the United States was big in, such as manufacturing and banking. I believe a big part of why gambling is unaffected is because of the panic such events bring, causing people to be a little more careless with how they try to get their money back. When you lose a lot fast, the first thing in your mind is to gain it back just as fast and the quickest way to do that? Casinos and sports. Knowing that the stock market or any long term investment would take a while to recover, it appears that the gambling industry reaps the rewards of recessions and down economic times. It’s hard to argue against trying something like that because of how much people lose in something that was supposed to be a relatively safe. If your mindset has changed to “everything is losing” it’s hard to come up with a reason not to take a chance on a weekend at the casino or sportsbook.
  5. Do you mean like internet viral? I don’t think that’s going to happen in this forum
  6. My highest ever win on a dice spin on primedice was around 4 bitcoin back when bitcoin was around 700 a bitcoin which seems like ages ago. But it was a very thrilling experience nonetheless and I still vividly remember it!
  7. There is no proven strategy to ever win a guaranteed amount of money no matter what anybody says or what they suggest or anything of the matter. Eddie never intended on primedice to be a source for your income to grow. Short people may have their own way of deciding how they want to gamble with their bitcoin in whatever way they want to. But you can be rest assured that there is no “technique”. It is more or less an approach of each individual player to where the player feels the most comfortable when they decide to wager
  8. It’s all about the extra steps to give yourself an advantage to try to stop playing and being a compulsive player. While I know it’s not a perfect remedy for a player to use in terms of being able to stop the impulsive behavior completely, it does provide an extra layer of being able to think, as you are going about the process. Because at any point in your life you can take money and turn it into crypto and gamble, so your argument could be used in any sort of scenario regardless of any sort of parameters
  9. As a long time player at Primedice, I never really went out of my comfort zone when it came to gambling on dice. I always left it at 2x and just rolled til I was able to build my bankroll or I lost it all. I never believed in any system like the martingale, I just rolled and increased my bet every so often to either make up for the losses or if I felt I was on a streak and I was rolling hot and wanted to make more profit than I was already making. Well fast forward a few years and now I’ve expanded my horizons to include larger payouts, up to 25x. I don’t go much higher because it seems like it’s more or less getting your money back after you roll 500 times and I choose to manually roll. But now I get frustrated because this has to be the most annoying part of picking a high multiplier: picking the wrong side. It seems that every time I pick a side, had I picked the other, I would be making a lot of bitcoin. If I pick low, 98,97,98 etc are always appearing. If I pick high? You guessed it..1,2,3 etc. It’s pretty frustrating picking the range of numbers you think it is going to be in, just for it to be in that range but on the other side..anybody else find this more frustrating than just losing in general?
  10. Welcome! crypto is already huge in the gambling world. Most places accept it but there are a few places crypto is exclusively used.
  11. My biggest bet on here was a while ago but it was 2 bitcoins on a 2x chance and I hit it. This was when bitcoin was around $1500 though. Which isn’t anything to sneeze at but it’s not like the prices it’s been recently. Still was quite an exhilarating rush to hit it, although I eventually gave it all back
  12. Yeah this month is probably going to be the worst month of the year, if not of the decade. What an abysmal start to 2020. I don’t want to say it can’t possibly get any worse. But it can’t possibly get any worse haha. This virus has pretty much sealed off the world from each other and the world economy is not looking good now or for the future. Maybe people turn to gambling to get their losses back from less working hours in a desperate attempt. I sure hope not but desperate times usually call for desperate measures
  13. Yeah I’m finding a lot of mixed answers about this from the people I’ve asked around to. They seem to be gambling more if they were an early adopter of crypto and have an extra bit lying around but I am not hearing the same from the rest of us who have to use fiat to get it, then deposit. A lot of people in this same situation and it is rather crippling beyond what I ever could imagine. Getting laid off is one thing but being forced to basically quit all forms of work altogether is a totally different animal. Where I’m from I think the government is trying to stimulate the economy but we’ll see how much it actually helps anybody but the top of the wealth pyramid. My guess is it won’t
  14. Surrender basically tells me that you shouldn’t be gambling anyways either for the fact that you are either A) too scared or b) you can’t afford to lose what you’re playing with. I’d play and if I lost, scratch it to what you said.. it’s just not my day.
  15. The best slots are the 50 lines in my opinion. At this time, stake only does a 20 line slot, but Ed said that there would be a new slot coming out. Hopefully that goes up to 50 lines. I seem to be able to follow those better than the 20 lines because even when I think I have a good reel, it seems to never pay out because the line doesn’t exist that normally would cash it to a sweet prize. And I hate the people old 3 reel one line only slots. Talk about boring. Slots sure have come a long way