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  1. PD is just for fun, back in time i came for having fun in chat, and gamble a limit a day, there is no need to get paid for having fun.
  2. I've just back to gamble after 2-3 years, played BDO during quarantine, now returing to my RNG home.
  3. Always a bad idea, RNG its complicated, not a fixed money earning method.
  4. Casinos usually take advantage of people, and are thinked and designed to get you stucked in them, people with no control are lost.
  5. ty, just what i needed after 12 hours of coding and betting owo
  6. hitted twice in a row like 2 years ago, but sadly, i bet 2 satoshi :c
  7. PD Username: Mansan My best memmory was when i started at btc and PD (2014), i hit in my 3rd bet a 9900 from faucet, then i started to 2x and got like 15 greens in a row, reaching 2.2-2.5 btc, then i lost 1 btc, but i didn't care becuase with the 1.3 remaining i bought a gtx 980, and "invested" 0.2 in ScamOcean, and with the earnings in that "cloud mining site" i could still betting until june 2016, Long Life Primedice.
  8. May the force be with you my son. zura.