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  1. But you do. Plenty of places. PokerStars for one. SwC also has it.
  2. Woo! Their whitepaper is out, finally! Potentially we could be looking at a fully-decentralized poker game next year. https://virtue.poker/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Virtue-Poker-White-Paper-DRAFT-0.1.pdf
  3. Too bad FortuneJack is no more. How usual is this "usually"?
  4. Got the same PM. I wrote a response to Jason afterward.
  5. You might be interested in this: https://virtue.poker/#home It's a decentralized eth-based poker. Circumvents reliance upon third-party servers.
  6. NL Hold'em for general poker. Stud for higher-level reading and game approach. Omaha for playing opponents.
  7. Tells are not as dramatic as Hollywood portrays. Rounders is a good film, though. Half and half on the poker and general audience.
  8. Username: actmyname Joined date: 02.21.2015
  9. I prefer multitabling online but online poker's accelerated its influence to the point where you'll be better off playing 1/2 live than even 100NL online