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  1. just a quick reminder the maximum red streak i got is 9 as of now.
  2. start with 100 if you have 10k start with 1k if you have 100k start with 10k if you have 1 mil so in this case you gotta pick 2k as basebet but first try with 100 satoshis my advice.
  3. Hello guys and gals.today im gonna share my safe strategy that i recently discovered.i know no settings are safe in fact and you can still bust.but this is safer this strategy still works succesfully on another site since 1 hour.it slowly makes balance. lets give the strategy.since its hard to tell i will give you my dicebot options as screenshot simply you start with 1k basebet at %70 chance if you lose 2 bets in row you changing chance to 40 and changing side if you get 3 wins in row then it changes the chance to %50 zig-zag options are switch after 2 wins and switch after 2 losses in a row. also at stop conditions "reset the base bet after 2 wins in a row" good luck please share your experience. edit:bot.seuntjie.com settings url added https://bot.seuntjie.com/settings.aspx?id=1020
  4. a two 77.xx bets .. i hit in a row .. but sadly no JP
  5. additional info:shapeshift can be integrated into primedice .. you pay using alts and receiving as bitcoin.
  6. As you know when bitcoin network become bloated .. most users transaction got stuck.So to overcome this PD should add new altcoin with in-site exchange (to BTC) option or they must implement custom fee option.so lets sey Primedice gonna add new coin .. which one you want to see most on Primedice ? lets vote and discuss.i picked most known and suitable altcoins for this poll.you can share your other coin opinion always
  7. i use bitcointalk beside stake & pd forums.because other forum's contents are not constructive.
  8. Waiting for a transaction for days to be confirmed is very annoying thing.Whether some altcoins or customizable transaction fee can be used to overcome this.
  9. A desktop computer would be agood memorable gift
  10. I buy my first coins from an local exchange.everything went smooth.i dont remember the amount but i was too happy .. when i buy it was between 250-300 USD Price range .. now its crazy you know
  11. Welcome to PD Skilful.the music types that i listen are "house,deep house,future,house,rock,hard rock" maybe you should open a thread too on introduce yourself section welcome again !!
  12. you need at least 4 good gpu(more is recommended) AMD recommended for ethereum and NVIDIA for zcash ..
  13. I remember those times .. you busted all after sadly but that was nice run !!
  14. yeah thats rule has been set recelty by the staff for preventing faucet abuse .. why did not u asked in chat before ?