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    Sweeet reacted to sk3344 in Roll Hunt Giveaway 50k has already given   
    Hello guys !
                           i hope you all will be fine. there is a small give away for roll hunt on pdice. there may be different question related to pdice, rolling, hunting and betting. please do participate and win some satoshi which can push you up to make some profit . thank you and  good luck guys.
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    Sweeet got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in What is your view on religion?   
    The way I see it is there is no god, how could their be so many religion with such different stories, either they all are real and there are many gods or they all are fake.. I see religion as a whole dying down over the next few centuries. I think many people who are believers of a god, use it as a reason to be better in life, and a reason to feel better when you are down. So I think believing in a god is good for a person who does. The only problem I have with religion is the people who are very strong believers and will force it on to other peoples lives by saying things like "If you don't go to church every Sunday you will go to hell" or as a way to get people to do what they want: "Its a sin to...". Also there are way to many people who profit off of religion as pastors for wide scale mega churches, although that doesn't have to do with anything of a certain religion just the people who attend those mega churches make me wonder...
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    Sweeet reacted to Katarina in Withdraw Fee Options   
    I moved the topic to the Suggestions section. 
    And we do have a plan to implement some changes soon. So stay tuned and be a bit more patient.
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    Sweeet got a reaction from sk3344 in How much total bets did you make ?   
    Total Bets: 975,973
    Total Wins: 407,372
    Total Losses: 568,601
    Win/loss not too bad considering I do a LOT of x9 and x99, also have 47,751 messages.
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    Sweeet got a reaction from jbenjaminy in Overview of My Strategy - "Small Risk, Big Rewards"   
    Personally I always start with a very very low amount 0.01% and look for patterns in x2 and sometimes I just get the feeling I know which side it is going to land on, which is obviously just luck, but either way I eventually get the confidence to bet bigger and win off of that. 

    If we treated our big balances like small balances the chances of us growing them to much higher amounts is much greater, imagine your faucet of 1k satoshis, you are max betting that all the time probably and getting that to x100 the value or more. Sometimes you just got to take risks on it.
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    Sweeet got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Daddy Splashes! 990x   
    Nice win bud, how many tries did it take you before hitting?
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    Sweeet reacted to CryptoDadlol in Daddy Splashes! 990x   
    This disturbs me.... pls never say that phrase to me... ever again...
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    Sweeet reacted to CryptoDadlol in Daddy Splashes! 990x   

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    Sweeet got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Daddy Splashes! 990x   
    Oh I see not too bad, haven't chased a x990 before might do it soon.
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    Sweeet got a reaction from sk3344 in Roll hunt with 9900x   
    Nice gratz on that big payout, I have never gotten a x9900 yet, you should also try x99 one of my favorites. 

    Also the profit on the hunt was about 0.005346 
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    Sweeet got a reaction from Caashia in How do you cope with your inside world?   
    I focus a lot on how my situation could be much worse, everything I have makes me privileged. I could be living in much worse parts of the country, weighing my life instead of getting mad over something small. I listen to a lot of music of people who talk about struggling in worse conditions and makes me realize how happy you should be. 

    I guess it all comes down to perception of your situation. If you spend all your time looking at it from a privileged point of view you will think your problems suck, but from someone who is in worse conditions your problems are their dreams. 

    As far as bitcoin I don't see downs as downs and ups as ups because I constantly am converting to USD, but when I do gain/lose money from price change I don't think much about it, usually it is no significant.