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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from badguy69 in James Bond 100k Giveaway   
    Wow congrats to the winners.. will try to be one of them.. wish me.luck.. thanks for this giveaway
    Wow.. congrats
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Not so lucky day   
    you can make it sis don't give up hahaha me too i bust my .001 earlier grrr not so lucky day for me too   
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from Jenn09 in An open letter for everyone   
    Well i guess abusers will always be around waiting for giveaways.. but thanks to our mods for always making sure that they are taken care of. I enjoy discussions and giveaways here in the forum but im also hoping that fairness and equality will remain and those abusers be caught and banned..
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to mmhaimhai in An open letter for everyone   
    Okay first of all, thank you for the admins and moderators who is always here checking from time to time and working hard for the improvement of this forum. Thanks for the opportunity of earning some bits (maybe not that much compare to what we lose from pd gambling site and not much to make a living, lol this forum is not primary made to earn bucks for living by the way- if i understand it well.) Thanks for all the funds pd is giving to have some fun giveaways as well as those users spending for their own giveaways. Thanks for everyone posting informative threads.
    Now everyone, if your really active well of course you already know how life in this forum is going. As ive said mods are giving much effort to make this forum successful. I just cant understand why on almost new policy seems like lots of person never get contented? Abusers always been abusers. Others always find something negative to brag about. Is that really our nature?. No matter how we exert efforts and give our best, if people in this community doesn't oblige themselves to be discipline and responsible enough then this forum will never be a happy place for us. Admins effort would be nothing if members are too selfish and self centered. This community is just like what we have in real world where there would be no leader good enough if his people dont support him. We have this forum to share our ideas and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, good strategies in gambling and mainly to help each other so lets stop complaining, follow rules, and try to appreciate every single effort from every members. There is no such big or small contributions i think. Everyones opinions, suggestions are counted, this forum is here for us to discuss about our ideas isnt it?. Misunderstandings are common off course, given the fact that we have communication barriers- not everyone here are fluent in english and lucky those who have their own lounge to use their native tounge. I write this letter not because i just want to but im hoping somehow it serves as an eye opener. To make this a better community, we should learn how to respect each other. Instead of bashing and trolling, why not help each other in the best way that we can do. No hate just Love.
    Thanks for reading. Goodluck everyone. Keep rolling.
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    I remember one of ed's stream he gave me tip .001 and think why not playing & try my luck do some risky strat ang get some profit out of it i just make .004 to be exact its just small but whats the caption said  nothing is too small to show off. Lol and im proud i make some profits out of this money. Thanks ed for the tip.
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Why married men have mistresses?   
    Yes this is true sis if you want your man to stay on your side be good in bed & do all things that will satisfy him but above all if your man really loves you he will not cheat on you,...
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Suggestion to stop reputation abuse   
    i must agree on this to stop abusing the reputation systems. some make their own bot to vote themselves lol so i agree that it must be more than a month before you can vote. 1bit is too smaller can abused also compare  to .02 prize lol
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in 3x - 17 red wow   
    yeah such a lucky af. congrats on winning sis  more green to come
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Rape in marriage   
    yes! even though your in marriage but the girl didnt want to have sex and it was a force sex then it is called also RAPE 
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Hey there I'm Ravenyvolle?   
    Of course.. just go crazy and im just here to read hahaha
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from Jenn09 in URGENT ADMINS PLEASE TAKE notice!   
    Oh my!!! Good job on seeing this.. hope that this will be taken seriously by pd admins.. Not everyone is as keen in checking and will just log in thinking that this is just oart of the changes or upgrades being done in pd
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from Jenn09 in Giveaway #3 roll 33.33   
    Woah.. just saw this post.. i was not succesful with hitting 55.55 and 66.66 i'll try this one. Maybe 3 is my lucky number
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in [0.06 a week] Forum Heroes!   
    wow nice idea  but i hope others doesnt abused giving repu to others to gain & they right admin/mod should not be included hehe
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Hey there I'm Ravenyvolle?   
    Goodluck to you too sweety ravenyvolle. have a nice day ahead.
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to ravenyvolle in Lose weight in a healthy way?   
    I was bullied for a couple of years because apparently I am way too fat or chubby. I got tired of their body shaming and i decided to lose weight but in a healthy way.
    Before, my weight is almost 75 kgs(165 lbs) months ago and as to date I lost almost 15 kgs and I am proud of it:)
    Here are my simple steps: 
    1. Set a goal: But keep in mind that losing weight will not take place for a couple of days. This will take months and besides loosing weight that fast is not good. Set maybe losing 1 kg every week or more.
    2. Have a healthy and hearty diet. Eat greens people! and lessen your intake of carbohydrates. (ahem rice)
    3. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.
    4. Avoid junk foods(proccessed foods) and carbonated drinks.
    5. Exercise at least 30 mins a day:) -- just walk 10,000 steps a day will do..
    6. And as an addition to this routine, I replace my dinner with a nutritious shake( I will not name the brand because it will be like I am advertising)
    So there you have it!") Not that much but it will be a great help:)
    ps. Do not drink those slimming teas or coffees that will make you poop like crazy because if you stopped taking them, your weight will bounce back like a ball:/ 
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from biggad in I m biggad   
    Hi... never too late to introduce yourself right.. goodluck when you roll...
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to ravenyvolle in 300k-500k profit a day or more?   
    Hi i would like to share one of my autobet strategy that you can play all day long:)
    Balance of at least 500k satoshis
    Payout: 7.920x
    Winning chance: 12.50% 
    Base bet: 5 satoshis (to get bb(balance/100,000)
    Loss multiplier: 14.50% 
    let it run for 2 hours. Then refresh and change seed:) And run it again..
    Hope you win more profit guys:) Goodluck 
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Married or live in?   
    For me its live in to be practical & dont have regrets anything on the future if the relationship gone wrong.. 
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from Jenn09 in I m biggad   
    Hi... never too late to introduce yourself right.. goodluck when you roll...
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in All or nothing double your bankroll!   
    thats a risky strat bro, you need a bunch of luck there to make profits gl 
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Jenn09 in Place your BETS! Jeff Horn VS Manny Pacquiao   
    Ofcourse im rooting for our Pambansang Kamao. MANNY PACQUIAO Our Pinoy Pride. It will be fun bro if it will be sports betting here too like small sats in return who might gueess the correct answer  ehehe
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to lolgato in From 0.0005btc to 0.1btc   
    2 days ago I managed to turn 0.0005 bitcoins into 0.1 bitcoins on primedice which i withdrew
    It was a nice run especially when i hit milestones like 0.01 and 0.05 and then finally 0.1 I tipped a couple peeps who were there.
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to maverick528 in Setting the correct multiplier on PD   
    Setting the right multiplier on PD

    On Primedice the multiplier must be between 1.01202X and 9900X.

    Below you can see the table of the optimum multiplers that are greater than 900X. 
    If you use any multiplier greater than 900X that is different from the values of this table, the predicted payout on PD webpage will be wrong.
    So, use only the multipliers listed below.
    It doesn´t matter if your rolling manual or auto, big amounts or just 1 satoshi, if you are lucky or not. 
    It applies to all cases.
    (I will probably later add tables for lower multipliers, as soon as I have some free time).

    Hope that you enjoy and use this information.
    If you see any mistake or need further clarification, just ask.
    And remember that using high multipliers apparently is not the best way to bet, you can see the reasons on my other post "Understanding PD house edge".
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    Ladylovelynn reacted to Dihru in Bad Day   
    The last 2 hour has been a bad day busted a lot of money on poker and when i turn back to play and do something else after the loss i even busted my 0.05 btc on my bank in PD #BADDAY
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    Ladylovelynn got a reaction from Jinchuriki in Hi, I'm Jin   
    Hi.. welcome to pd and wish you goodluck on those high bets.. go green...