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  1. Goodluck!!! Sadly i cant join you because of poor internet connection
  2. Yeah its frustrating.. 90% win chance imagine!!!
  3. Thanks girl.. but yeah we are waiting for your entry.. hehe
  4. Awwwww..... i think the dice is not on my side yesterday.. got some tips today and tried the smae strat but it seems that the dice does not want me to profit.. guess ill hace to give it a rest..
  5. Yeah.. its as if the dice knows your goal.. and when you are near in hitting your goal the dice stays at the red side for so long.. lol
  6. Usernanme : Llovelynn28 Date : 20.07.2017 11:18:20
  7. Hello sexy newbie.. enjoy your stay. And go green always.. lol
  8. Always set a goal. If you are hitting mostly red then got a green stop.. take a rest even though you are near your goal... have been trying to have self control too.. lol
  9. Thank you so much for your generosity.. i just submitted my pictures but surely felt like i won already because of people like you who shows appreciation on all of us who joined. Thanks
  10. I have always been interested in stock exchange and trades.. but it's not that big here in the Philippines if you are an average person.. It will really require time and effort before you can learn by doing researches and in my case having 2 kids.. it would really be a big help if someine can just discuss and share knowledge with me
  11. True.. i love the giveaways though. But no to spamming and begging.. probably more hunting giveaways so everyone who wants to join will have to play in the site before they get the freebie
  12. Wow.. that is one amazing ride... next time cash out on .5 lol better luck next time
  13. Lol.. I loved the title too... and yeah... lets please not beg.. everyone here in pd is generous enough in giving tips and giveaways lets just be thankful for what was given and wait for our turn if not lucky to have been given your piece of cake