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  1. I hope i'm not late. Username : joanna0607
  2. God's place. Peaceful, and no alcohol lol.
  3. Thank you for warning us. Be careful next time. There is so many people nowadays are bad and greedy.
  4. i will try this. thank you for sharing
  5. ofcourse mayweather will win..
  6. pinay here me too i can't speak fluent english but i can understand
  7. It's okay sis. Better luck next time ahahaha maybe next time change your strat to withdraw strat ahahaha
  8. Portugal-Mexico 2-1 Cameroon-Chile 2-0 PD Username: joanna0607
  9. Steal money ahahaha we will survive for future lol.
  10. I tried it maybe twice. Chatting someone that eversince you don't know or met. It's ok as long your happy and not committed to others.