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  1. Haha
    77kdub got a reaction from jamyr in Kindly Leave an Honest Review for Primedice   
    Okie dokie all done Eddie & of course I gave it 5 stars!
    trustpilot username: Jennifer Galland / 77kdub@gmail.com  (I signed in with google)
    PD username:  77kdub
    Cheers!  😁
  2. Like
    77kdub got a reaction from SEMPAXs in Good Guest and a Friendly Host (Indo chat)   
  3. Haha
    77kdub got a reaction from Eugene265 in Road from 0.0009 BTC to 0.35 btc in the past month.   
    well Geney it's my belief that the harder you try to win the more you seem to bust and the big wins come when we least expect but I hope you reach your goal....Or else we Riot!!!  lol
  4. Haha
    77kdub reacted to DMTripp27 in If you're single and have to choose for a date from a PD user   
    I would like to date @ledust just so i could hear him whisper sweet nothings in my ear with that voice mmmm mmmm good
  5. Upvote
    77kdub reacted to Blindme in PD Member makeup   
    Was curious where the majority of members are from and left is vague on the poll to not pinpoint to hard.
    Reason I ask this question is I see one Country highly active in the forums and want to see if it rings true or its just a perception. Thanks for voting.
  6. Upvote
    77kdub reacted to Carollzinha in James Bond 100k Giveaway   
    Roll a 0.07 (win or loss, does not matter) with a minimum bet of 100 satoshis to be able to win.
    Prize: 25k for each one of the first 4 users (NO ALTS ARE WELCOME!)
    Only bets ID's from 17,620,800,000 will count.
  7. Upvote
    77kdub reacted to OlegBarca in 0.01 giveaway in stream live!!! (20.05.17)   
    In order to participate, need to reply your PD name,Twich name, need to have avatar in PD forum!
    And of course need to follow my channel in twich! 
    Like this: PD username:OlegBarca
                  Twich name:oleg_Barca
    Post ONCE only. Your post number will reflect your entry number. I will use random.org to select. Will be 2 winner 0.005!!!
    Need to be live to win this BIG prize, I will ask in the chat and you must reply within 1min. Only 1 acc per person.
    I will sum up the result (20.06.17) LIVe in my stream in time 20:00 PM GMT+0 TIMEZONE If will be changes,I will let you know.
    GL all!!! https://www.twitch.tv/oleg_barca