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  1. Okie dokie all done Eddie & of course I gave it 5 stars! trustpilot username: Jennifer Galland / 77kdub@gmail.com (I signed in with google) PD username: 77kdub Cheers! 😁
  2. I've never used the 1.01x with the exception of hunting for a roll hunt. I've tried setting win chance at 90% and wagering a larger amount but I soon found out that only works for so long. I've had much greater success shooting for a multiplier of somewhere around 5x with a smaller wager amount but that doesn't always work either. I find it kind of funny when someone does go all in on the 1.01x multiplier only to lose & they automatically claim they were scammed, no you weren't scammed the odds just weren't in your favor I guess. In conclusion I would say shooting for 1.01x with a huge wager rather then a larger multiplier with a smaller wager amount is much riskier, that's just been my experience.
  3. I think that players who like a more diverse game selection have chosen stake as there preferred choice, but for the players who are only interested in dice or are afraid of change, they stick to primedice as there place of choice. I've never been a huge dice fan to be honest so stake is where you will usually find me but when I want to play dice I come back to primedice.
  4. When you first started PrimeDice did you every imagine that it would end up as big as it is today?
  5. well Geney it's my belief that the harder you try to win the more you seem to bust and the big wins come when we least expect but I hope you reach your goal....Or else we Riot!!! lol
  6. pd username: 77kdub Thanks so much!