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  1. Abbas also scammed on his giveaways..lol
  2. This happened a while back...got annoyed because he appeared in PD chat & claimed to have paid me back ...
  3. This member scammed me & though I made a thread in scam accusations he's still active on forum & PD!
  4. I am totally confused....lol
  5. Well done Geert...hard work pays off
  6. PD username : Morros Thanks Eddie
  7. Well I did give it a try & tbh I like the layout...but seeing I'm a dice guy & the house edge for dice is 2% over there, I decided I liked PD better.... All said & done I will play again at Stake when you introduce slots there @Edward
  8. There are signature campaigns you could join
  9. Even with 0.1 you will bust after 137 reds.
  10. Don't forget to bank half each time it doubles
  11. Yes, I see a lot of skemmers at work..lol