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  1. у меня она +1 и -1)) минус после бана появился)
  2. How can we help them?If karma is very bad!
  3. I got more than lost) that's why I keep coming back)
  4. Welcome to us) beautiful girl)
  5. I am a man. And yet I like to cook) And I think that men cook much better than girls. ;D ;D
  6. Let's share, who earned how much at the moment of happy hour)
  7. In schools and institutes to study, and here let it is practiced to communicate in different languages!
  8. I suggest the following! We select 5 participants, then each has a balance of 0.001. Give them time about 1 hour. At the end of time, the one with the balance above the other participants, becomes the winner. 8)
  9. We play on the coefficient 2 x. Initial Bid 0.0007. Further on the following rates multiply by 23%.On average 7-10 clicks. Further 3-4 clicks go with a decrease of 47.5%.And again clicks 7-10 with an increase of 23%. After that, we clean the seat.Successful game)) big winnings