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  1. its not a problem people . old one are lost if its unclaimed
  2. Nice luck . Hope this luck stay to you for more time #StayGreen
  3. Personally i like to watch football . What about you guys?
  4. welcome to Forum . Hope to see you here more Let us know if you need any help .
  5. @Carollzinha Thanks for your vote I would like to nominate @carollzinha.
  6. Wow awesome stuff . I am gonna try it Here is my entry No Photoshop but i still tried !
  7. I know Mostly everyone can speak English here but Tell me what are the other languages that you know and speak with friends and family ?
  8. Am holding only few now before i used to hold a lot but am still holding ETH
  9. Check with admins ! it shows 149 post for me as well , and am not in also but am sure i had more than 150 before 20.00 UTC ! I saw that list stopped updating before 20.00 UTC only . Anyways its upto Mods
  10. wow thats some insane betting Hope you enjoyed your profit
  11. drinks .. but not much . I dont like to smoke !
  12. I think it will be under 3k mark. I was expecting it to raise but well it have dip and pump So it will take some time to cross 3k mark.
  13. Thanks for the info. I always keep password with combination of number letters and special key
  14. well all hopes on bitcoin to increase <3 Most of us are holding it so its good for community if Bitcoin price will be more up !
  15. Thank you sir @Dan will follow your guideline
  16. good luck @youngman33Hope you hit it soon . Let us know if you hit it .
  17. Buy DBG/ETH and LTC those are good investment
  18. No Risk no win ! Like froggy said you may win in 3 rolls or it may take 54k rolls
  19. damn!! this is nice ! take me out some day david <3
  20. @Carollzinha damn i tired too much still no hit . No luck for me today girl
  21. well i have been investing lot of ETH but when i see its pump and dump sometimes i feel i need to move another alt coin . but still i hold some of them , hope to see it grow big
  22. even i was online when he was betting that crazy !! ya it was 200 btc in shot - RED damn!
  23. thing about gambling is never gamble with something which you cant afford to lose . Stay with this and you will be good