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    kulets reacted to Bes19 in 19x is hawt!   
    So i made a depo of .01 to try different strategy. My favorite number is 19 since i was born on19th, so the strategy i did is 19% win chance. This is on autobet and this is the first time that i tried it. I know it's risky af but Life is all about taking risks right. So here is my strategy,
    Autobet : 5.2x or 19% win chance
    Base bet is 10 sats
    On loss : 40%
    But this strategy is not for a long run. I just used it for an hr and got a good profit. I think this strategy will not work for a small balance. Try it with atleast .01 bankroll. Good luck guys! More greens for us <3
    P.S i will try different strategies everyday and will share it here. 
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    kulets reacted to Bes19 in Nagsusugal ka ba sa totoong buhay? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo?   
    Lulong ka rin ba sa sugal sa totoong buhay o online gambling ka lang nalululong? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo maliban sa sugal?
    Ako nagsusugal din ako pero with my friends lang. Adik kami sa Pusoy at Tong its halos everyday kaming naglalaro pero puro kaibigan ko lang kalaro ko Sa casino naman nung nagwowork pa ko sa call center dun ko lang naranasan mag casino every rest day. Buti hindi pa ko umaabot sa pagsusunog ng casino table lolol
    Bukod sa pagsusugal, ang adiksyon ko pa ay paglalaro ng mga RPG. Pag wala kong pang roll sa PD nasa RPG ako lol Nagyoyosi rin ako pero never ako uminom ng alak kc allergic ako. Next month magstart na naman ako mag work baka mawala ako ng time sa crypto especially sa PD huhu
    Share your story mga kababayan ^^ 
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    kulets reacted to Bes19 in .018 to zero! sadlife indeed   
    Yesterday i won some on Forum heroes. I tipped some to my friends and some people on Pd chat and pay on my giveaway. So i'm still trying to chase my negative profit coz it's so annoying to see it everyday lol I tried playing on 9x and made a profit of .007. I got greedy again because of this damn negative I tried my friend's strategy which is 12x 50 bb 15% on loss. In a matter of 15 minutes i lose it all. I admit i lost my patience and depo .005 and tried 12x again. I lose it all :'( I never learn my lesson. I always tell people to avoid chasing negative profit but i, myself always do it dayum! I should've stick with 77.77% even if it's tiring. 
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    kulets reacted to Bes19 in 77.77% win chance is dope!   
    So last night i was so eager to play but i can't make any depo coz fee was .001 lol So a friend of mine sent me a 10k tip. I tried a new strategy from my friend which is 77.77% win chance on manual bet. I started with 2k bet and when i hit 3 consecutive greens, i always lessen my bet up to 300 sats. Whenever i get 3-4 consecutive reds, i go all in. From 10k i reach .0037 in 15 minutes of doing it. Even my friends @ravenyvolle @neya and @kate3003 made a profit out of this strategy (coz we all tried this last night). When i reach .005 i changed my strat into 9x and busted it all xD. You can also try this even with small balance you just need to follow your guts if you will change side or not. Good luck guys and gals!
    P.S this strategy is tiring but it's worth it
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    kulets got a reaction from 420BlazeItFgt in What would you do if you´ve got mistipped a big amount like happened to me today?   
    yeah! its true & i thanked for that.
    if it happen to me, i do it too. 
    thanks again 420blazeltFgt ?
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    kulets reacted to 420BlazeItFgt in What would you do if you´ve got mistipped a big amount like happened to me today?   
    Just yesterday, @kulets mistipped me 100k instead of 10k and told me it was a mistake. I returned it back instantly. 
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    kulets reacted to abbas50 in Abbas50 giveaways its anew topic u r welcome guys   
    well i have been giving alot of ppl giveaways as tips in the chat of primedice but now i will make it every here and then to give from the forums so i get more popular lol.
    first 100 people put ur nickname here i will be giving 0.002 to each one in total of 0.2 btc  soo lets see  
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    kulets got a reaction from Bes19 in Favorite PD Username:50k satoshi giveaway   
    i like username "BES19", its look closed to each other & 19 is also ny favorite numbers ???
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    kulets reacted to Zoltan in 5th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool   
    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan!
    Up to Free 0.01 BTC - Won't use the forum token system yet, so this will be credited straight to your account.
    150 new posts by the end of the giveaway Must have a forum avatar set Prizes:
    0.1 BTC Pool will be shared amongst those participants that reach the requirements Bonus 0.01 BTC to the 5 participants who we found posted the best quality Rules:
    Anyone caught spamming will be automatically not eligible for this giveaway or any other forum giveaways here on. Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways!  
    Post your PD username in the following Format:
    Username: Zoltan
    If you use a different format we can't guarantee you get the prize!
    Giveaway closes on 28. June 2017 20:00 UTC.
    Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.