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  1. maffie


    In gambling but in reality WE ALL cheat sometimes ??
  2. maffie


    I dont like cheating ?? its bad lol
  3. Ive seen only this on my email.. just want to know others opinion regarding this ..
  4. I just received a news i dont know if this is the hardforks upcoming for bitcoin .. Super Bitcoin (Block 498,888) Bitcoin Platinum (Block 500,000) Bitcoin Uranium (TBA) Bitcoin Cash Plus (Block 501,407) Bitcoin Silver (TBA)
  5. Just a piece of suggestion .. if you are eager to join trading sites must know all infos about it and all alts and what alts you want to hold.. DYOR (DoYourOwnResearch)
  6. for me too risky .. id go for ETH good news by 2018
  7. Wow i like the new giveaway.. break a leg !
  8. kai williams never exist!
  9. maffie


    .. must buy the dip .. id love stocking dumped alts .. look into volume for alts and its market uptrend too..
  10. maffie


    maffie[/member] are you sure about SC ... is that a good currency someday ull gonna thank me .. for that in bittrex ath for SC is 1k .. thats why poloniex temp.disabled withdraw for SC bec. the next big pump is on bittrex.. a tip from whale
  11. maffie


    SC good coin.. for longer term