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  1. I would rather listen to marshmello as he bangs my head up and down, mello is the best
  2. Sad but I think some countries need this
  3. London bridge and twinkle twinkle little star of course
  4. Don't wait to lose something that is very important to you before realizing that you need to quit gambling
  5. jeremy0980

    church and state

    there are different administrative when it comes to state and church but state also relates church
  6. That's a very good concentration there
  7. That's a very nice question there
  8. It is not funny but if you are the who prank somebody else it is funny
  9. I think Exodus is one of the best movie i had ever watched
  10. Busty and sexy a good combination for my fetish
  11. Vivo is one of the best privacy phone
  12. will smith and adam sandler are the best
  13. Tea is delicious and like a laxative it can also use for diet