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  1. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you for everyone who participated
  2. Daaaaamn who hit your mouth with a brick? it looks like a grenade exploded in your mouth.... it looks like your tounge is in jail!
  3. Congratulations to the winners and my hat off to every contestant that participated, well done girls! :-)
  4. This is why you simply never loan money to anyone, lending money 99% of the time means the person is out of funds and tries to make a desperate attempt to winning some back. if he loses he'll be gone as well cause he has no way of paying back either on time or at all. It's a good lesson to be taught for you guys.
  5. Thank you kindly guys, it will be a fun road ahead keeping primedice at safe bay! :-)
  6. Ending todays session with + 0.23085658 BTC Tomorrow a new grind session!
  7. Thanks guys, it will help me improve my game since i'll have more eyes following me. i usually just go ham and i need to stop that. I just play small thats for now my strategy, nothing new but i'll play more tighter than usual and see where it goes from there!
  8. Hey guys and girls, today i decided to keep track of my profit and losses and see if i can manage to play more strict, i'm usually donking in huge bets lol. Anyway i've decided to keep track of everything for 30 days straight and see how far i get, i'll be trying to play more safe/modest. ( most of you probably already thinking ye ye! lol ) So I'll be posting my daily results, my statistics are also live so you know i'm legit on the info! // Date: 22-06-2017 =============================== Total Wagered: 260.06138201BTC Total Profit: -10.42472037BTC =============================== Today's Current Profit: + 0.23085658 I'll keep this thread updated daily, and will also start streaming my games on twitch when i have figured out how to do it propperly. #follow me because as you know i will tip the living shit out of everyone. PS: ill probably keep updating this thread to improve it. ( i hope this is posted in the right section else move it where it's needed )