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  1. 49 minutes ago, skywallkee said:

    In a "strategy" you don't really count on luck. That's what strategies are for, to eliminate the factor of luck as much as possible, but sadly there isn't any strategy to do so and more than that, with no strategy you can win if you don't bet high and "for fun" to say so.

    I belive there are good strategies about it but i do not belive that i found the right strategy to be honest. 😃

  2. 6 hours ago, averageAndrew said:

    Hi guys I'd like to know your opinion about Martingale technique. In particular I'd like to start using it in online roulettes. Do u think that it worth trying with a budget of more or less 3000? I found this guide https://casino.guru/roulette-scam-strategies and they say it's better not to use it; but people who introduced me to martingale told me that winning is actually possible.

    Personally it's a bit hard to make a decision; in case it's a fake strategy, i'd rather spare me from loosing all of my saves like a dumb you know? =D

    Any more specific info about? Someone who used it in the past?

    Thank you a lot  =D

    Everytime i decided to use martingale, i bust.It's all about luck i think.Sometimes works, sometimes not.