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  1. Actually, holding little coins on your purse is a good thing.I'm all the time playing all of my coins but i decided to hide them little bit for the future.I would recommand to anyone to do this..It can be life saver, who knows?
  2. Well in Islam, making trades witn bitcoin is wrong.(According to Kuran) But as @athena2007 said, business is business.
  3. bauwerax


    Welcome to forum, mate.I hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Actually there are many platforms for gambling..But i'm here because of high quality of this community.I have never see such a great community like this before.This is why i am always going to be here.
  5. Everytime i saw that avatar, it comes to my mind a movie named Green Lantern
  6. Game is simple, people.Everyone is going to tell their opinion about avatar who posted their opinion recently.You can start to tell an opinion about my avatar, let's start! 😃
  7. Everyday i'm visitting the forum.It became a habit for me.
  8. When i bust, i just suddenly stand up from my chair then i lay down myself to the floor.I'm just staying on that floor like 4-6 minutes.Then i get up and taking sleep pills and i just sleep all the time like 1-2 weeks till i feel better.
  9. I don't but when i start to gamble, i always smoke cigarette till i bust or i win
  10. I play with risks.Playing safe is so called "long run" but for a long run, you must have some huge amount.Eventually, it's luck.If you are going to play and if you want to win, you have to take the risks..Anyhow, it's gambling, it's luck, you should take risks, right?
  11. I do not belive myself that changing seed can be helpful or not.So, i don't change it at all.