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  1. I think so, yes it is not a heavy app, its around 157 mb but you can just install it and if it doesn't work-uninstall straight after
  2. you can play it on an Android emulator like Blue Stacks alright its a native mobile app, though also IOS version is in Beta test at the moment, unfortunately
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  4. veleten

    📢 New Primedice Heroes promotion

    I see,thank you,Bojana for the pefect explanation serves me right for not watching Avengers or any other comic book based movies but now I am aware that beards are the new mullets
  5. veleten

    📢 New Primedice Heroes promotion

    I have an important question-why are your heroes bearded? *not shilling for Gilette here
  6. veleten

    Describe your Sex Life using a Movie Title

    Some like it hot Extremely loud and incredibly close and,sometimes The hand (yes there is such a movie) In any case whatever you do,do not let it be: While you were sleeping,Les Miserables or 5 cantimeters per second
  7. veleten

    🏆 Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    great giveaway,shame its only 5 places
  8. veleten

    [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    ed is back,peaches!
  9. congratulations,Primedice! fantastic job,always on top of things (gimme my faucet back,haha)
  10. good luck all,long live Primedice Ed,don't be sad,you have a sad voice today
  11. locked and loaded,Ed
  12. veleten

    Edwards Stream Giveaway

    username :veleten australian accent is sexy...probably..it must be....
  13. veleten

    [Edward] Streaming in 15 mins!

    Edward will sing just for you today and will have a virtual tour of his epic loft
  14. veleten

    Edwards Stream Giveaway