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  1. Guys but remember that here there were big players that used to win 10btc a day, but they can't know if one day they will met that rare red streak that will make they loose all their earnings and also the savings
  2. I posted it on forum for be clear before all became if it could, like a scam accusation, because i don't feel i could ever do bad things to others and i don't want people to talk around don't knowing the things..
  3. Hi guys, good evening to all. Alot of you know me, because i was here from alot of time, and for my streaming episodes in the past months. I was the first player that shared his face here without problems from the first moment that i streamed because i think that if somebody is doing all good he should have nothing to hidden. Gave that premise i have sadly to say that 2 days ago, after the player Prinzsarhea lost 0.06, going down from 0.16 to 0.1 and writed on the chat that she needed to reach in 2 days 2k euro(0.55 bitcoin) for her reasons from 0.097(350 euro), so on the chart had the 17.5% of possibility to do that. For the fact that i know this player and i thought we were in good relationship(she also helped me to make giveaways on my last streams) i writed him in the chat, we got in contact on telegram and i told him in good faith that i could give him my dicebot strategy, tried with friends, with the best result on my friend Kurian, that went from 0.0018 to more than 0.03, so made up 15x the starting balance from that strategy . I writed to Prinz thinking to take the odds of the climbing in his favour thank to the strategy. It was a Dicebot strategy, but the player Prinzsarhea didn't want to leave a bot manage the money so after i said that with the bot was better i told him that it could be done manually, expecially because the player wanted to see with his eyes the roll button and the amount before click it. So had the full responsability of every click on the button "Roll Dice" before seeing the bet amount, in NON automated betting mode. I adviced what to play and the player Prinzsahrea should have betted that. I haven't touched and asked a SINGLE shatoshi, i also haven't asked things like "when you will reach tot amount maybe give me a tip, or gift...". No, because this player needed that amount so i had no one double target over that help. Premised that the player touched the house edge two times with high amounts, that is totally possible also in just 2 bets in a raw, at one point went down from the starting 0.097 to 0.04, then after went on his own way and busted all the rest. Now Prinzsarhea is asking me for "something", a "warranty?" about the 0.1 and premised that i leave him at 0.04(so in the worst case you should ask me 0.057). How can i give you a warranty if i couldn't make any profit over that all? I should be a crazy for grant a loss to a player also if i can't win something. Who grant my loss if you loose so?When i lost 2 btc during this months after i made them, that are tons of money for a young boy like me, an year of salary who i complained? The people who adviced me strategies? Nobody, only myself for not have gave to that money the right weight leaving them on a gambling site. The world "Gambling" means risk, every time you gamble, also with the 99.99% of win chanche you risk a win, you risk a loss and you are paid in proportion of this risk. Said that, i'm really sad that now for Prinz i'm the guilty, surely i was not the guy who could hit that 17.5% possibility to raise the 0.097 to 0.1, but from here to blame me about the infinite gambling possibilities, it pass an entire sea, because all the experienced gambler( and Prinz has years of gambling at the shoulders) know the odds games. Said that, i'm tired, so guys i will never speak a single world about strategies or all, and please stop asking me about that. See you guys, good evening, Bubbura.
  4. Hi guys, today for the problems of yesterday caysed by the hard fork i'm not able to buy Btc and so i can't stream, the online mining services also don't work now so i don't have access to any found. I hope that i will solve in tomorrow this problem, thank you and sorry for all! Good luck and see you tomorrow
  5. Hei guys, pratically i busted a 0.016 before trying a strategy with a friend, and as i have to stream i tried to buy btc from my banks, but i spotted out that all the banks closed the sell/buy today for the probability of the hard fork. So i asked to some of mine friends to borrow me a 0.01(the minimum as streamer rules), but somebody have cashed out yesterday, others are out of home, and others can't buy like me. So as i have no options today, i will jump the stream of today. I made the mistake to bust a 0.016, but i couldn't think that they would close almost all the btc market today, and i always buy/sell and sometimes bust bitcoin. So i can't stream because i can't show strategies and i can't take a stream with a 0 balance. I'm so sorry for that problem, it's very particular and i should think of this, because of the hard fork. So guys i will be able to take funds from a mining site(genesis) just today in hours or tomorrow morning, or maybe i will be able to buy btc tomorrow when they open the buy/sell markets. I'm sorry for this inconvenient, and i wish that all will be solved until tomorrow morning. Thank you guys, try to understand the situation,today is a particular day for the btc. Thanks to all and see us tomorrow! Bubbura
  6. guys i started the stream 25 minutes later because i find out that somebody hacked my phone and bought stuffs with the mobile credit and was so in negative, so i wasn't able to activate a 4g plan! Problem FINALLY SOLVED, i have to change sim
  7. ohw, yes, i will stream as always in -2:15 hours, at the 5:00pm Gmt! thanks caroll!
  8. Ehi guys! Yesterday i wasn't online because i had a down in my internet connection, i went online in the night and taken from bad feelings i betted all and busted trying to reach the 1 btc! But today i will stream again and i will make all better! I will also show a huge dicebot strat! Stay tuned and follow me on my twitch account: =======> https://www.twitch.tv/bubbura See you later guys! You can see the replay of this episode here =====> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/163399633
  9. Ehi guys, i'm streaming now, giveaways, strategy and trivia here ======> https://www.twitch.tv/bubbura Hope you will enjoy this new stream ep ! I streamed 1 hour and 20, but after, for an internet issue i lost my connection and haven't saved the other twitch stream, so i have just this replay this time! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162886901 Sorry for this problem, i don't know what happened but i will solve this problem for tomorrow, thanks for all guys!
  10. Hi guys i'm streaming now on my twitch for another streaming ep! Watch me here! My twitch channel =====> https://www.twitch.tv/bubbura You can also watch the reply of this stream here =====> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162634509
  11. Stay relaxed guys, it's just a game, and in the time correct players will have what they deserves Caroll, i'm sorry D:
  12. Thank you for all guys, today i risked alot, and i'm just happy that i haven't wasted all! I hope that everyday could be like today!
  13. Exited the number 2.18 and we have 3 thirteen! So who writed that number before won a bigger prize! And in this order the 1st place is occuped by Fleasca 2nd by maliafka 3rd by Carollzinha Congrats to all guys! If you haven't win you will have more luck the next time!