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  1. Free electricity with that college life
  2. Um is using currency to buy goods and services gambling ? That is the question. Because chips are a type of currency and they are used to buy a service. But BTC can be used to buy a service.
  3. I mine Ethereum with my GPU: R9 390. I get around 32Mh/s https://imgur.com/a/n6S1s and electricity is free. so its quite profitable for me.
  4. Coingiver

    Dream car

    I would totally want the tesla model S mmm so sexy and fast. Plus it is electric so (good for the enviroment) not really cuz how do you think they made the batteries.
  5. You dont think in 2 and a bit years new coins and technologies will come out ? I mean you never know. Its just a guess. Something that has faster transactions. More transactions per minute.
  6. Best way to store you btc is in cold storage (safest) but at the same time have a mobile wallet is very easy and convenient. It is a fine mix of security and ease of access.
  7. I think that bitcoin will be worth $40,000 per btc. Or it will be replaced by another coin and no longer be used and have any value.
  8. Use a paper wallet or hardware wallet to be ultra safe.
  9. Welcum to primedice Gladys06. Hope you enjoy your time !
  10. Would you want to travel back in time to want year:______ location:________ why:_______________ would you want to travel into the future what year:______ location: ________ Why: _______________
  11. I Nominate MrNice23 he's always hepful for the community and generous. Also he is very active in the chat and seems like a cool guy.