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  1. O no boys, primedice is turning into stake, it might be time to abandon ship
  2. this make me so happy, thanks for the fantastic news
  3. I think the new lending requirements for the forum are a bit silly, specifically the 100 post count. I understand it prevents brand new users from making loan requests, but there are legitimate people who don't meet the requirements to post, but have done lots of business in the forum already. I've done maybe 5-10 loans with ultra and athena and I've returned the money each time. But since I haven't spammed the forum enough, I can no longer post there. So now I have to go create a bunch of shitty worthless topics "My coworker farted and it was loud" "What is your favorite Pasta" And once I hit 100 posts, I am somehow more trusted, lmao.
  4. would could shoukda, unlucky m8. I've only rolled 77.77 on pd once
  5. Quicker confirmations will be better for everyone, im not sure how the price will be effected, but quicker transactions will be great. I dont hold BTC i just gamble with it pretty short term.
  6. My best achievement of 2017 is pressing this button about 200 too many times
  8. Join the PD chat and say carlooch sent you and I win .002266, who ever says i sent them i'll be splitting the prize with evenly If 6 people say my name, we will split it 6 ways JOIN
  9. U:Carlooch Merry xmas edward, best to you and your family
  10. Left a great review for the site Username: Carloochbtc PD username U:carlooch
  11. Funniest Primdice: trigon00 (skemmer) Favorite Primedice forum poster: erickastella02 Favorite Primedice chat user: Athena2007 Most intelligent Primedicer: U:Unixpunk Most influential Primedicer: Chatbot Best Primedice moderator: Ledust / Robear / Kristoffff Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana Best Primedice support member: Darko Best Primedice admin: Edward ?
  12. I wouldn't consider net neutrality to be a basic human right. I don't think bitcoin will be the answer to the Liberal agenda. (Using regulations put forth by the government to protect things like the environment, equal pay etc). I would say crypto currency favors more of an open and free market.
  13. It takes balls to lose money in the market, deposit 3 btc, and win it back. GG
  14. carlooch

    Loud fart

    how the fuck is this even a post
  15. The information written beneath the claim button is now false, and it needs to be removed. It might have been prudent to have it removed once the site took away the bigger faucets from its loyal gamblers.