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    Hersix got a reaction from felipev1994 in Los españoles mas activos hablen!   
    Hola, veo que hay muy pocos post en español y me parece raro ya que siempre se ve mucho español en todo internet
    Bueno en fin, digan sus nombres los mas activos, ya conozco a MrNice y a felipe
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    Hersix reacted to Cordiceps in PrimeDice based Memes   
    Hey guys as you know memes are very trendy nowadays ! I haven't seen so many about primedice but I think this could actually be a great idea for everyone ! 
    I think there is definetely much stuff to work with ^^ !!
    Ima start with some stuff so I hope you will enjoy, and I also hope some of you will create some more with me  !!

    This is 100% facts 

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    Hersix reacted to 3mily in How to spot ALTs   
    I am planning to do a forum giveaway for new PD users , any thoughts on how to spot alts , would like to have only real users wining not same person with more accounts
    Any ideas ? Thank You
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    Hersix got a reaction from Bes19 in Hi pinay here!   
    Welcome to the forum !
    Good luck Gambling lol