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  1. BTC, for now... in maybe 2 years i will bet for ETH
  2. Mine.. LOL this is from april, it has not been paid yet?
  3. Whathefuck does it counts? ;D ;D ;D ;D
  4. Ok, so it might be February, July OR December as that are ones that were named just once. Or none of it ;D
  5. LOL guys this is better than Drama Alert or the Drama between youtubers for shitty things ;D ;D Getting ready the popcorn ;D 8)
  6. Lol i think we already named half of months and no one guessed it ;D ;D
  7. Call Of Duty, i love almost all of those <3
  8. They could create a Movie like "Social network" with Satoshi nakamoto, would be cool to watch..
  9. what Pinoy / Pinay means? from Philippiness? Lol i thought it was some kind of insulting word
  10. There is no "Gaming Phones" right now But you can get the best / latest and should be the fastest / better to play games.