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  1. I feel sad that it is illegal in some places. Marriage should be available to any people that wish to engage in that lifelong emotional and financial comittment.
  2. A second ago. Your mom. It was ok until i asked her what her son does and she said spam pd
  3. That depends on what drug! Weed--Anything, Eating, Watch TV, Music MDMA--Dance, massages, sex, music, share feelings LSD--Chill, walk around, smoke cigs, think hard and look at cool shit DMT--nothing you can conciously choose to do Amphs--chattering, smoking, fucking Heroin-Dying
  4. The news today is filled with a bunch of random coverage of Rich people and politicians using offshore accounts and other financial entities to obfuscate the political nature of the funds. Sean Spicer apparently tweeted something related to a bitcoin transaction. How much dirty money will convert to btc? How will this effect economies that traditionally rely on the "offshore accounts" etc that people use for these purposes. Caman Islands? Switzerland?
  5. How do you get btc atms that arent currently listed added to this map?
  6. Hopefully this will be modeled by many other countries. What does this mean in terms of taxation and regulation on how Btc is used in the philipines?
  7. This is sad to hear. I, unfortunately, have many stories like this, and with the rising value of BTC, it becomes more and more sad to remember amounts I've blown in the past. If you think you are experiencing a gambling addiction you may want to check out some of the resources at the bottom of the PD page.
  8. in general, where along the spectrum does your government fit as far as authoritarianism, the role of religion, corporate influence, etc? I think it's interesting to note that this current administration seems to be abandoning traditional democratic values.
  9. The Washington Post claims to have proof, but in order to protect the active intelligence operations still going on (or at least to prevent further damage there) they are keeping some details secret.
  10. https://bitcoinvideocasino.com/?r=1811663437 <---That is my referral link. I would appreciate it if you use it. If not, just lop off everything after .com. This is a super simple and clean video casino site. I have been using it for a few years with no problem. You must deposit. Most deposits are 0 confirmation, but sometimes they will require one confirmation. They have Video Poker, Slots, Craps, Roulette and Dice. I have won the progressive jackpots on Slots and Poker a few times. If only I had saved the ~10btc . Anyway, I looked to see if anyone had posted this but I didn't see it. Sorry if its a repeat.
  11. The whole FSM thing is kind of counterproductive in my opinion. It is basically a bunch of self-righteous sarcastic reactionary crap to make fun of religion. I am an atheist, so I agree overall with the point they are making about how many things about religion and theism ae ridiculous, but the whole tone of it is pedantic and condescending. I would prefer to treat theists like people with genuine concerns and meet them head on if they have issues or questions with their faith.
  12. I don't believe in God. I was raised in a conservative Christian household (My dad is a pastor), so I sometimes engage in culturally Christian activities like Christmas and Easter and sometimes go to church when I visit my parents.
  13. I don't think there is a God at all, so things would be exactly how they are. If you mean a world where people didn't believe in God, I would say my opinion is that world would be much much better than the one we have currently.
  14. I'm DJTEatsCock I live in the US. I'm not religious, though I was raised in a Pastor's family. Extremely left-wing politically.
  15. In the US we are told by the media that he is an opiate addict, but also supports killing drug dealers and other criminals without trial. How much of that is unfair propaganda and how much of it is true? Do you think he will be impeached? What checks and balances are in place in the Philippines to prevent him from being a dictator?