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    Hakar_yusuf reacted to 3mily in Hakar Yusuf here   
    Hi and welcome , wish you good luck  and btw nice design idea
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    Hakar_yusuf reacted to Chinesegandalf in fix chat for moblie version   
    i think this not new bugs in pd , but this chat problems getting worse and worse ,
    take out you're autocorrect in you're chat if you do use one.
    and i can't spell something funny. if my sentences not yet done and i click on enter to send the one that still have underline will left in the chat box.
    example if i type cant isntead of can't there will be two cantcan't . didnt that cute.
    i hope you can fix it. and sometimes while im typing the words will shut off itself. this cancer getting crazy.
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    Hakar_yusuf reacted to GodBlessU in My redesign for PD   
    :v so nice and simple
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    Hakar_yusuf reacted to hui in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    actually that is kind of part of the bitcoin protocol already with the HUGE benefit that you don't have to trust anyone but yourself:
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    Hakar_yusuf reacted to Stunna in Hey, Stunna here.   
    Hey everyone!
    I've been lurking around lately but I thought I'd stick my head in around here and check out this awesome forum you've all got going. 
    For those of you that don't know me I've been involved with bitcoin for quite some time and Primedice since day one. I'll be floating around and collecting content feedback and suggestions and will then work to bring them live.