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  1. Thank u,but when its well be public ?
  2. 3 days for shoting and 1 month for post production Thank u KRIS
  3. ?Onecoin is Not A Ponzzzi Scheme? ✴Beczz you can See we a so Practical that we are Doing Transzations with ONECOIN✅ ✴40Thousands of Merchants are Accepting ONECOIN✅ ✴We Have Completed More than 1Millions Deals on DEALSHAKER with ONECOIN✅ ☠If you think Yet its a SCAM or PONZI scheme☠ Sorry its You Problem? You Don't Want to Accept Success? Let's Be a Part of Successful Cryptocurrency Telegram:hakar_yusuf
  4. What is favorite movie for u of all time ? for me (Life is Beutifull)
  5. Hello ! if you want i can make your drawing Price:0.05 Why 0.05 ? Becuase its taking 9h of working Example:
  6. Directed by saman mostefa A.director and cinematography:hakar yusuf
  7. when Mosul city of Iraq under terror attack (ISIS),Maria (35) with her younger brother and father because of the risk of them trying to escape from mosul and peaceful place to live. AWARDS: 1:The Berlin Flash Film Festival Berlin,Germany February 28, 2017 Official Selection ............................. 2:International Filmmaker Festival of Cinema World Nice Nice,France Official Selection
  8. Congrats for all,but for me @btcAlice is the first one
  9. Thank u @Dan yes i noticed it ,that is not my profesional work becuase i have not the budget for film
  10. Thank u brais for a living and also for humanity Thank u Irena for ur support <3 And also i'm musician lol