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    10 kilograms of meat a day, dry food, bone, porridge, vitamins.  It costs me $ 400 per month.
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    i am using this for quite sometime like 3-4 months and it made a lot of changes in regards of my skin, hair, metabolism and immunity:) 
    Continuous drinking of the infusion for 7 days taps will show some changes already:) You will love it! 
    Yes you are so right!:)
    I love lemons and that is a great infusion you have there with aloe vera:) 
    I would love to try that one someday ?
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    I mix lemon with the edible aloevera extract, sometimes lemon alone is good enough, good and healthy post by the way!
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    Water infusions are best for our health because of its natural antioxidants and vitamins plus it has zero calories!:)
    Personally, I have my own water infusion (cucumber, lemon, rosemary leaves)-- Good for skin, nails and hair health, lots of vitamins C and E, muscle recovery, quenches thirst, suppresses appetite and an overall antioxidant or detox. 
    ***How to prepare it?***
    -- I usually have a 2-liter tumbler, that is good for the whole day and a half.
    -- Slice 2 cucumbers( prefer organic ones), 1 lemon and rosemary leaves
    --Put them all together with water and ice ofc and leave the infusion for at least 8 hours. 
    --Discard the fruits afterwards.Enjoy! 
    ***When to drink it?***
    -- Early in the morning 30 minutes before eating 
    -- Drink one glass of the infusion before meals(30 mins)
    --And before sleeping, at least an hour before sleeping:) 
    --Good for a post workout too:) 
    Hope you love my post and enjoy your healthy water! ?

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    I will nominate @zale023
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    reusue reacted to Kevin13 in What if bitcoin will be $100 tomorrow?   
    Even you pay 10% of your loan if the btc will increase again by 20x or more in a couple of days, weeks or months your have more earnings than it should.
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    reusue reacted to zale023 in Bitcoin Trolls - Nakamoto Will Create New Cryptocoin   
    Thanks man! Put it in the first place next time I'm thirsty for information ahahaha
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    reusue reacted to anbushinta in Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies For Bigtime Investors Only In Russia   
    yeah, so many hyip that shows no promise at all and being end up a ponzi scheme maybe that's the reason they ban or minimize bitcoin users in russia. they care about there people i guess 
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    reusue reacted to Kristoffff in How many month/s or year/s are you into bitcoin? And where do you used it the most?   
    First time I heard about bitcoin , I installed the client, it must have been around 2010-2011. I didnt really do much with it, however I always contemplated buying several hundred bitcoins for like 10 dollarcents each. It saddens me I didnt make that decision but that's how life is.
    I still had a little bitcoin so nowadays I use my bitcoin sometimes to top up my phone credit, or to order some pizza. There's even several Bitcoin ATM in my country where I can get some :).
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    Very useful @reusue. It will help us. Thanks buddy. Good luck to us.
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    hello Betwrong enjoy it here you will surely be visiting regularly the forum!
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    reusue reacted to mmhaimhai in How to make simple or basic GIF image or animated image.   
    Yeah right. I would also recommend adobe photoshop for more customized gif..check my avatar i made it on photoshop in less than 10mins but im planning to replace it soon to blend with the new avatar shape.