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  1. It is all good now, apologies for the delayed update, the erc20 token was not updated for a minimum deposit that is why it was on hold.
  2. Coinexchange is now holding coins especially from ICO and ethereum.
  3. that really works but you have to bet about 1000 sat to get a good result
  4. No way that I will tell to somebody that it came from betting, I will just keep it to myself and to the members here on PD. If there is a bank secrecy then their should be a betting secrecy, hahaha...
  5. nangyari din sa akin yan, tapos tinigil ko at ilang oras binalikan ubos ang coins.
  6. Thanks bro, using ice right now and some pain relievers.
  7. Proud to be a pinoy here, yes just always be jolly and do not take it seriously, they do not know many Filipinos have the skill to establish an online gambling site themselves that is why many loves the Filipinos to handle some of their gambling online sites.
  8. Thanks bro, hopefully it will heal fast, that is why I hate to referee a fight.
  9. Any suggestion in a fast remedy for a black eye caused by a punch?
  10. that is a food feast, all barbecued combined with ice cold beer...
  11. one of my favorites, deep fried sliced big fish with those fish belly fats, nice presentation...
  12. ubos lahat di ko napigilan nung nilaro ko ung coins ko sa faucet, kaya kailangan kong magkaroon ng selfcontrol sa paglalaro
  13. fried rice with deep fried smoked fish plus a bottomless hot brewed coffee...
  14. already registered and they really have a good project going on
  15. since may this year, so it is not that long but already learned a lot here and gained friends and satoshi...
  16. Bitcoin is still on my top of the list to invest in, this will never crash but will be forked (soft or even hard) so keep your bitcoin wallet always secured, the second top or will pass bitcoin will be ethereum.
  17. Taxes on online gambling have been an issue since they noticed that online gambling is a billion dollar industry, the government just want to tap on it because they know that they will really profit from it big time.
  18. Better to choose someone who also have feelings for love rather than money that might begin all the miseries in a good relationship and might end the life of someone who is close to me. Money is unpredictable evil!
  19. many cryptocurrency are now the target of many sex commerce, especially those tokens that are really anonymous in transactions, hopefully you will find what you are really searching for dude!
  20. Is this thread still active, If it is still active I would suggest for the members who are regular in logging in on the primedice faucet and playing with an allotted time in playing the faucet and also on the forum each members should be active daily with an allotted time and reach a total time active on the faucet and on the forum.
  21. That is a great deal of money, I will surely make my life more comfortable first and try to help others in need especially those who are affected by senseless war in our country.
  22. this is good news for everyone who supports the primedice forum, may we be a responsible member of the forum and be a productive and active as well as a responsible poster or topic author, congratulations to all!