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  1. It is all good now, apologies for the delayed update, the erc20 token was not updated for a minimum deposit that is why it was on hold.
  2. Coinexchange is now holding coins especially from ICO and ethereum.
  3. that really works but you have to bet about 1000 sat to get a good result
  4. I think I will get a loan to get some to invest long term!
  5. quantumhash I think I read about it that it already turned scam
  6. I will check that game, and will use your ref link. Thanks for sharing that RPG game.
  7. Still under Hackerone testing sandbox, hope they will open soon!
  8. No way that I will tell to somebody that it came from betting, I will just keep it to myself and to the members here on PD. If there is a bank secrecy then their should be a betting secrecy, hahaha...
  9. nangyari din sa akin yan, tapos tinigil ko at ilang oras binalikan ubos ang coins.
  10. Thanks bro, using ice right now and some pain relievers.
  11. Proud to be a pinoy here, yes just always be jolly and do not take it seriously, they do not know many Filipinos have the skill to establish an online gambling site themselves that is why many loves the Filipinos to handle some of their gambling online sites.
  12. Thanks bro, hopefully it will heal fast, that is why I hate to referee a fight.