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    Serlite got a reaction from skanderkrid in Frequency of Rolls statistical information   
    That'd be interesting data to see...but it would be incredibly expensive to keep up-to-date. Even if it wasn't real-time, something like a daily job would still cause a huge performance spike and would probably lock up/slow down the database immensely. Perhaps possible to keep track of on a player session basis (since it could all be done locally), but across the site and set up in such a way that specific dates could be queried? Doesn't sound feasible...
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    Serlite got a reaction from JstLikeMagyk in Holding 1000TBC help me!   
    Well, I guess you found a resolution to your situation. It's too bad it's so difficult to exchange it to something useful, but at least you saved yourself from a lot of time and trouble trying to do so.
    Locking this topic since it seems like the discussion is about done.
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    Serlite got a reaction from Carollzinha in Am I no Longer a Streamer?   
    Locking, since an explanation has been given by Carollzinha.
    For further discussion on your status as a streamer, you should probably take this to private messages with PD/the stream team.
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    Serlite got a reaction from G418ran in How to cope up with Depression?   
    Being around happy people can help distract you from depression, but you need to make sure you're in the company of people who actually understand how depression works. A lot of times, people don't understand that battling depression is more than just "not thinking depressing thoughts". Severe depression is practically paralyzing - like the will to live is drained out of you - making it impossible to engage in activities to distract yourself or sometimes even function as a normal human being.
    As a result, it's not always feasible for people to treat their own depression by just trying to fill their minds with "happy thoughts". Counseling, and sometimes drugs (yes, there's a stigma against them, but sometimes you need to address chemical imbalances in order for other parts of treatment to work) are important to consider. There are lots of different factors involved in finding the right treatment though - for example, Seasonal Affective Disorder can be treated cheaply just by using a sunlight-imitating light source for a few hours each day.
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    Serlite got a reaction from merlyn22 in How to lose weight   
    Exercise is a really important component in a healthy lifestyle, but it can understandably be tough to work it into a busy schedule.
    Try replacing some of your activities with ones that require more exercise (though may take longer). Things like biking to nearby places instead of driving/busing, and taking an extra 30 minutes after dinner to walk outside around the neighbourhood. Starting off, you don't need to jump into something strenuous like doing long-distance running - but you'll find it easier to get to that level (if you aim to) once you've got a daily routine of even just light exercise.
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    Serlite reacted to rack001 in URGENT ADMINS PLEASE TAKE notice!   
    I have found a fake primedice site on the internet - primedices.com. I am attaching some screenshot! As soon as you go to the site it it asks for login(same as primedice). As soon as you login it redirects to real site and also it shows the site on ads! So they cleverly made the site to make to appear on top! 
    @Edward @MICRO @Dan please take notice and put a complain on google plus please make the users aware! 
    I think the passwords they obtain are stored in a plain text file and i can get it! If i get it i will send that list to the admins! Then admins can tell those specific users to change the password! Please take this seriously or some users might loose money! 
    Thank You!
    edit ; I have the link of the script by which they save the login info ! I am not posting it here ! I will PM to admin When they are here !
    edit ; i found the domain registrants info from who is ! also he has used all the code directly from the real primedice site !He copied the whole initial page code !
    Registrant Contact(please confirm it again ! I used free services to find this so this can be wrong ! Link i used - https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=primedices.com )
    Name: Marcus Vinicius Abreu de Souza Organization: Mailing Address: Av Artur Monteiro Paiva, 1297 - Bessa, Joao Pessoa PB 58035-010 BR Phone: +55.8387203132 Ext: Fax: Fax Ext: Email:betoborgertsc@gmail.com

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    Serlite got a reaction from labilaabs in Haven't receive any bits every post   
    Have you reviewed the boards on which bits are not given for posting? As per the explanation of bits:
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    Serlite got a reaction from 3mily in Bitcoin Spike Driven By Japanese Trading, Move Away From Bitcoin Unlimited And Rising Altcoins   
    @Han2x Please consider editing your post to remove the offending statement - we have a designated place for advertisements (the Market board), so I would advise you keep advertisement for paid services there.
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    Serlite got a reaction from Aembh in Support -- What are we doing wrong?   
    For an issue like this, I believe the proper place would be creating a separate thread in the Primedice Complaints board. (And try to flesh out the details - in what way does the message seem wrong?)
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    Serlite got a reaction from Dan in Haven't receive any bits every post   
    Have you reviewed the boards on which bits are not given for posting? As per the explanation of bits:
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    Serlite got a reaction from MrNice23 in Haven't receive any bits every post   
    Have you reviewed the boards on which bits are not given for posting? As per the explanation of bits:
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    Serlite got a reaction from Dan in how do you classify good post/good topic   
    I think the most important thing (for a topic, at least) is whether the initial post/question is able to stimulate meaningful discussion. If not, responses to it will often be low-quality, and could result in their deletion or even deletion of the topic itself. It doesn't have to be a long post - it just has to be something that demonstrates thought was put into its writing.
    Yeah, it's a super subjective criteria, I agree! This is in the same vein as grading written assignments in school. You won't always agree with the evaluator, but that's the nature of the beast. (There's also a community-driven element to this - if moderators are inundated with reports on a particular topic or post, we're more likely to scrutinize it more strictly. After all, this forum is for the community's use, so members' opinions play a big role here.)
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    Serlite got a reaction from merlyn22 in If you bought $100 of bitcoin 7 years ago, you'd be sitting on $75 million now   
    Heh, like any investment, looking back at Bitcoin's history and wishing we'd been buying back when it was dirt cheap is really just a wish that we could be prescient. But since we can't tell the future, the best way to guard yourself against the unpredictability of markets like these is diversification in your portfolio - a good idea regardless of whether you're in to equities or cryptocurrencies.
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    Serlite got a reaction from mikanja in How do you feel about the death penalty?   
    I've learned enough about wrongful convictions to have my qualms about a death penalty - after all, a posthumous exoneration doesn't really do much for the wrongly executed or their surviving family.
    Pragmatically, a death penalty makes sense - it costs a lot to keep people in prison, and if they're dangerous and never intend to reform then there's no logical reason to keep them around. But a judicial system run by humans will always be imperfect, so ethically it might be better to take that more costly option than to accept wrongful executions as collateral damage.
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    Serlite got a reaction from 3mily in BTC Currency converter in PD   
    Yep, the !cv command works for a lot more currencies than just BTC!
    Though please be mindful of other chatters when you're doing multiple conversions - it really fills up chat, and can get a bit spammy if people misuse the bot.
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    Serlite got a reaction from 3mily in Good Forum Now PD   
    Really happy the new theme is more mobile-friendly - feels a bit more modern than the last one too, might just be the increased use of fades/animations, though?
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    Serlite got a reaction from JstLikeMagyk in Shapeshift.io Intergration   
    In fact, Edward has floated this idea to gauge the community reaction:
    You can get a feel for the overall reaction from the responses - for the most part, a positive response, though there were concerns voiced about the fees that ShapeShift incurs for its exchange services.
    I will be locking this thread to keep the discussion in one place, since a duplicate suggestion about this was actually posted earlier:
    However, feel free to post in either of those existing threads if you'd like to expand on the ideas!
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    Serlite got a reaction from Dan in Primedice Forum App   
    Moving to Forum Suggestions. An app could be interesting, but I think continuing to optimize the site for mobile use would be more sustainable.
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    Serlite reacted to TheFrog in Adding new chatroom for Beggars   
    In stead of muting all beggars we should have the option to move them for x hours to chatroom "Beggars Home" that way they are not completely cut off and are still able to talk among themselves.
    Its a more pleasant way of punishment for all i guess.