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  1. Have you guys heard of MakerDAO/Dai? Basically, it's an Ethereum stablecoin that is issued by people locking up Ether. You don't have to lock up to Ether to get it, you can just buy it. It's a stablecoin... but there's high fees in moving it around. Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you how you can secure some of your earnings during this bull run. What you can do is buy some Dai with BTC or Eth or anything, and then you can lock it up in Compound.finance -- earn guaranteed interest! It's not a high-risk product - you still control the Dai in the smart contract. It's a legit way to earn some small interest. People borrow the Dai against their own things like other Dai or BAT or other tokens on the platform. There's a whole faq at the site. So basically, if you want to secure some earnings, this is a way to do it without selling. Like when BTC gets to $15000 again, if you set aside one this way, you'll earn interest. Then when it drops again, you can cash out (with interest -- every Ethereum block), and then buy more BTC, or whatever you like, without having to get out of crypto first. Soon, MakerDAO CDP's will allow for other types of assets besides Ethereum, including BTC and other stablecoins. This is the most intersting part to me. I wrote about it here: https://www.ccn.com/security-tokens-not-bitcoin-is-makerdaos-most-exciting-new-feature If you find this post interesting or profitable, feel free to tip me on PD. I'm mainly just interested in making sure my fellow gamblers know they have a true "vault" option out there -- that pays interest. I've earned rates between 3.25% and 4.6% so far. I just keep adding to the Dai, since I read the FAQ and know how to ensure I actually do control it even though it's locked in the smart contract. :)
  2. I think PD should add Monero and Zcash. This is gambling and privacy coins would be helpful for whales. I would also like to see a feature to swap between cryptos within the wallet. What do you mean?
  3. you're definitely my favorite gambling girl.

  4. damn. i don't play slots quite that gangsta.
  5. Finally got a new vehicle the other day, so I drove down to the casino straight from the dealership. I had a $100 bill on me, so I started with that. Lost it at the Blackjack table after about 23 hands. So I go to the ATM, withdraw another $260. I plunk the $200 back on, and win my $100 back in about 14 hands. I walk away from the table. The girl at the cashout window flirts with me a little, asks to see some ID, says I look too young to be here. I have a full beard. She just wants to see if I'm from out of town or not. I am. I think about pursuing this, but don't. I go to the Roullette table and break even for a solid hour, eventually leaving with about $8 to the good from there. Looking back I don't remember where I lost $200. Might have been on a slot machine. I went to the blackjack table yet again and won a bit more. If I had only played blackjack and left while ahead, I think I would have doubled my money that night. Hopefully one day I'll learn. Or just show up when the casino is closer to closing.
  6. Now if you check the site there is a desktop application that you can download and use. The one I haven't yet tested is the Mac version, but I do have a Mac, just haven't gotten around to it. Windows, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions will work on a current Windows 10 at least. Anyway, the link again is http://bitillions.club/tools/strings.php (.html will now redirect there). Hope it helps.
  7. "Never Leaving Empty Handed" Doubled your deposited balance at least 10 times.
  8. Helps you create pseudorandom strings when you change your seed pairs. For more information on how PD uses the seed pairs, you can see the "Provably Fair" tab in game. As I say in the video, I still recommend you add a bit of further randomness on your own -- pseudorandomness, I should say.
  9. A small UX enhancement would be if when you are about to do max bet, the color of the button turns red. That'd be good for idiots like me.
  10. Whoops, that's a great point Ullikah. I will add some extra information on the website. I did create a video, though:
  11. So, has the PD team done any talking about what their contingency plans are depending on what happens August 1st and beyond? It would seem they are at significant risk of replay attacks.
  12. The text of the roll button just changes from "roll" to "max bet" but other sites give you a secondary, "are you sure" dialog that would make this guy's mistake never happen.
  13. It's happened when I was drunk. Would be cool to have a secondary check on max bets.