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  1. why is it people not putting up avatar or profile
  2. you can always put that in general lol
  3. Henry Sy


    maybe its good if admin will ban his primedice account too.
  4. more giveaways to come make a good win in streaming.
  5. ps4 is way better than xbox
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7VSxrxw_l8
  7. i never what is karma in some profit here?
  8. edward is the smartest gambler i know here
  9. the very first thing i will do is to buy primedice and own it.
  10. this gwapo112 is a pretentious son of a bitch if you're here just to insult good people of the Philippines then fuck off. I got a big dick here ready to smash your ass little boy, what do you say about that nigger? are just here to spam
  11. when i was a kid i use to play TUMBA LATA which a very nostalgic game.
  12. Everyone been asking if we are too late to invest or to buy bitcoin now that this cryptocurrency BOOM so well.
  13. connesa[/member] can you pm me your fb profile cause i kinda like you LOL
  14. when bitcoin was 8k php i remember wanting to buy it and regret remembering it cause right its a hell of a money
  15. ako may ari ng SM and dont be surprise LOL i just love watching that video
  16. its all over the advertisement now Ethereum is leading the way high.
  17. i am a fuck up gambler with super nigative profit :'(
  18. you can make that an early morning habit and you will get 1 btc sooner
  19. Its good to hear that ethereum is keeping up with bitcoin.
  20. you'll only get 500k sat for that caroll
  21. This is nice now my eyes can rest easy while betting