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  1. hello everyone i`m mshaj, this name is a combination of my name and my crush, and i`m 24, Have fun everyone
  2. who is your favorite magician?
  3. i wish you luck bro. good luck, have fun
  4. I think it depends if your post is a topic or a reply, if your topic is remove or deleted, your credits will be deducted by 5 credits, and when it is a reply it will be reduced by 1 credit, i hope it make sense
  5. mshaj2017

    I hate dog

    dont hate dogs , they`re friendly and kind. they smell bad because you kick them, just treat them nicely
  6. jesus will always be in our hearts and mind
  7. mshaj2017

    My little beast.

    i prefer my turtle, sad that i dont have a picture
  8. it happened to my ban acc. my credit is 666 but now when i check it, it became 530+, i know that they deduct my previous post but why it`s became like that, 100+ credits gone and my acc. ban,
  9. hi jenn, let`s enjoy this forum