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  1. Hi guys. Do you want a Free Stay At Pearl Farm Resort? guess what, Doxa has a new promo, not only that you can enjoy a free stay at Pearl Farm but you will also receive Php 45,000 incentive. This is so easy. How? you will just refer to us 3 Investors who can invest at least Php100,000. You will get 15% from those investment + Free Stay at Pearl Farm. We will be the one who is going to present cryptocurrency to them. The investor will enjoy a 857% Discount from Onecoin. Instead of Php 957, they can get Php 100 per 1 Onecoin. Just tell them that we are about to call them anytime to set schedule for personal business meeting. And then you can give us their contact number
  2. nope. we're heading to a cashless society bro. people don't have a choice but to invest on the top 100 or top 40 cryptocurrency. just chill and don't expect early Return of Investment
  3. Mine is Bitcoin Bitconnect Ethereum Toacoin Onecoin
  4. nope because it does, it already happen at the first hard fork
  5. nawm04


    Bible & Quran This Two Will Has Connection. Read with Love and Understanding Self Help Books: Richest Man In Babylon Rich Dad Poor Dad Awaken The Giant Within
  6. Yes bro that is our plan. tell me if you want to join the noise. we would be so thankful if you do so.
  7. how's you cryptocurrency? naka pag diversify ka ba? invested to different crypto?
  8. Lets create a cryptocurrency community bros
  9. Hi I am Lorenz, I am one of the Top Educators of Cryptocurrency here in Davao City Philippines. I am from the group Doxa. We've been educating Mindanaoans about Cryptocurrency since last year. We were the first to conduct the 1st Cryptocurrency Expo here in the Philippines. We've got a lot of learners, traders and investors from Surigao, Mati, Gensan, Cotabato and more place that you might not know. Now if you want to learn how to educate, I can give you some advice and teaching presentation. If you want to become a educator just pm me on fb. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LorenzCarlo
  10. nawm04

    Zodiac Signs ????

    Which one western or chinese?