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  1. u levelled up under the old VIP system prior to July 2019. So u received other bonuses opposed to fixed ones. if u leveled up after July 2019 then its a other story.
  2. As we all noticed there are some things that need to be fixed after this update feel free to mention them here. Discribe the issues as good as u can en add screenshots as well. Stuff that i bumped into so far: 1. pm is not longer functioning 2. tips send is not showing to who you send them 3. if u wanna tip u need to fill in 2fa for every tip u want to send 4. pd page can become unresponsive after going to another tab Thanks, Ur Froggy
  3. The advantage of using anything else than the manual or autobet is that u have many more options, like stop on win, switch strategies and so on. Dicebot uses the LUA language to create scripts, u can find examples on the dicebot site, however if thats to complicated for you , you can always use the advanced mode of dicebot that gives u also many options,