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  1. username: TheFrog

  2. As we all noticed there are some things that need to be fixed after this update feel free to mention them here. Discribe the issues as good as u can en add screenshots as well. Stuff that i bumped into so far: 1. pm is not longer functioning 2. tips send is not showing to who you send them 3. if u wanna tip u need to fill in 2fa for every tip u want to send 4. pd page can become unresponsive after going to another tab Thanks, Ur Froggy
  3. sites that offer a intrest rate of 13% sounds to good to be true so it mostly is, i guess. to be sure its legit u need more time than 1 month to say something about it, just be carefull. some small reseach on the web popped up with this.... https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5102171.0 stay safe
  4. The advantage of using anything else than the manual or autobet is that u have many more options, like stop on win, switch strategies and so on. Dicebot uses the LUA language to create scripts, u can find examples on the dicebot site, however if thats to complicated for you , you can always use the advanced mode of dicebot that gives u also many options,