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  1. Alright man Good luck with the recover I love seeing you play every day you're such a nice person This will be quite interesting for us to follow.
  2. My family has always taught me that stealing is wrong and I learned the hard way haha so of course I would do the right thing and send the money back to it's rightful owner, Sir Edward.
  3. Woooo #EdwardHype (Edward with 420 Content Count) : http://prntscr.com/fl2liu
  4. Maybe an email verification would solve that problem? Sort of like on Twitch
  5. Username: YashBitCoin Thanks Hui and Zoltan! You guys rock
  6. What I do is just save the safari link to my home screen so it acts like an app
  7. Well done man, I came all the way at the last 10 minutes. Enjoyed that last one I thought you were going to choose rzserono for the 0.2 though haha
  8. Hey Stunna nice to see you on this awesome forum Do you remember when I sent you 100k one time on primedice haha? I was laughing so much when I saw you accept it LOL
  9. This really depends on yourself, however if you're extremely scared of busting just do manual the entire time. Auto is for more safe strategies because it might go to fast to end it in time. Just be careful either way haha, they both serve their own purposes.
  10. Hey man this guy has some free signatures for you and the layout : https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?topic=2463.0
  11. Haha I think ||Superwoman|| is a very funny youtuber, got jokes for days!
  12. I can't wait to see you make it back Edward! Good luck!