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  1. There's a post about the ice have been melting. They say that there is so many bacteria and micro organism that are frozen on the ice. So when the ice melts they can affect us.
  2. What is taurine? There's a post on facebook about taurine. That taurine came from the semen of the bull. How true it is?
  3. Someone knows about hat they called "bullet proof coffee"? It's a black coffee with butter and coconut oil. They say that it can boost your brain. Does someone tried it?
  4. Redolinyag

    Coffee or tea

    What dou prefer, coffee or tea in the morning?
  5. Thanks for a nice transaction. Much appreciated man.
  6. He's good. But because of the filipino crab mentality. He looks like he's not.
  7. Redolinyag

    Comfort food

    What comfort food younwant to eat? Or food that you can eat everyday
  8. Redolinyag


    What career really you want to pursue? Are you happy on what you are doing today?
  9. Redolinyag

    Drug war

    Will drugs can be really elimated? It's like a that keep on cominh back no matter what the government do to it.
  10. Streetworkout. Do you know about streetworkout? They say that the real streetworkout was gone.
  11. Welcome to primedice. Im also a newbie. Im from the philippines also
  12. Hello guys, i'm from the philippines and im new here. Hoping to get some advices. Thanks guys