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  1. the piano chords are difficult and it takes time to learn it.
  2. talk to papa joe if you want
  3. anyone knows howie mandell? he's a cool guy who thought me how to be healthy in a way of walking 10,000 steps a day. which give me a healthy body all day long.
  4. This is the super legit site i know 1. Primedice 2. Freebitco.in
  5. Really inspires me, sometimes people need to see your output for them to believe you, nice struggle MICRO.
  6. oh this is easy, if you have a movie found in youtube you can always use this site: www.savefrom.net
  7. i find this site second to primedice the is the longest faucet site that stand long term and they have cool earning system.
  8. this is game is fun but the site is rigged are they even paying you?
  9. I wont call God about movies that involve Gods and goddesses instead i call them HERO like spiderman see their powers? like AMERICAN GODS and all that movie things about gods they all have this super powers comparable with heroes, Superman is better than them. Real portrait of GOD is nothing like this i have to imagine things would be.
  10. you guys need to have a good site that pays off referral bonus like primedice if you can raise it up to 20% then your good to go.
  11. i have a lot of faucet sites and a little of mining.
  12. faucet increase would it be wise if you deposit and bet 98% lol.