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    sourc3code got a reaction from Carollzinha in Transaction Accelerator   
    Yeah, I've used ViaBTC for various stuck TXes in the past - My recommendation for using the accelerator is to refresh the page about 2 minutes before the hour strikes (make sure your computer is set to auto-time on a synchronized server), fill out all the info including captcha, and RIGHT when you see your clock turn to :00 press submit - Lately, this hsa been the only way that I've been able to get TXes accelerated through ViaBTC. The number of TXes they accept every hour is something stupid low (like 10-100 max or something), so you literally have to be one of the first. If you wanna avoid having to use such systems, best thing to do is move over to a new wallet such as Ledger hard wallet (their segwit-enabled wallet now allow Replace by Fee) or Electrum, as you can do this in-app.
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    sourc3code reacted to Bes19 in 9900x again yay!   
    I was out of balance on PD and can't make any deposit today since the fee on our local wallet is very high. So i made a transaction with sourc3code about forum satoshi. I got 83k says from him and i tried to hunt 9900x and BOOM hit it again <3 Hit it 8 rolls after i changed seed. 

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    sourc3code got a reaction from kittwolfe in Best way to buy BTC in MY Experience   
    Hey bud, good to see you too =) Nope, havent heard from Burstdie in forever =/ I still have his email, might try emailing him today and see whats been going on with him. Anyhow, thanks for the vouch and I'll let ya know if I hear from him!
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    sourc3code reacted to temitope67 in Who Created Bitcoin?   
    Can some please help me out with this question, Who is the brain behind bitcoin?
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    sourc3code reacted to Isildur in HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist   
    @sourc3code added, yw