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  1. My objective would be not to lose any more, but I already know this isn't possible lol - Realistically, I just want to have fun and not lose a LOT of coin. And of course, I'll be trying for some high payouts to make larger amounts of coin at one time.
  2. I always keep going until bust if I'm already on a payout. Ive hit so many times really close to busting, and stopping prior would have been horrible. IMO, you should stick to a payout and keep going once you commit to it. Every now and then ill go into recovery mode for a little if I feel like it wont hit for a while, but this is very rare.
  3. Usually not - Most tips that I've received are from people that I know pretty well and most likely send them coin as well when I'm up. Its very rare that I just receive coin from a random person, and even when it happens its usually a very small amount.
  4. Why would this overwhelm you? It shouldn't affect your play on your account. Personally Ive been a VIP since it first started, but then again I probably play too much. All you need to do is become a VIP yourself. And VIPs are no different than normal users, they put one shoe on the same as everyone else
  5. I use a Trezor to keep my funds in mostly using Exodus wallet. There's now an integration between Trezor and Exodus which has made it very convenient for me. I also have 2x Keepkeys but I dont really use them. If you dont have a hardware wallet, next best thing is probably to just use Exodus wallet on its own as its a multi-coin wallet.
  6. For me, I think playing smarter means knowing how much to wager based on your balance and also knowing when to stop. Other than that, there's not much else you can do to "play smarter" when it comes to gambling imo. Strategies are only strategies until they don't work anymore.
  7. Although there are methods to simulate probability on the site, the actual results can vary quite a bit depending on your seed. I think its better to watch the rolls coming out on your seed and trying to follow the subtle patterns for it. Even then, the results can be completely different, but I think its the best way.
  8. I try my best not to, as it seems like I end up gambling more just to reach the new level when I do. The only exception to this is when I get close to the next level, I'll keep an eye on it. Especially now that I'm platinum at PD and platinum 3 at stake, theres not much of a reason for me to check as things tend to slow down once you reach such levels.
  9. Because you have no self control. You need to set loss and win goals prior to playing and stick to them. If you keep playing, you are bound to bust whether through rage betting or just from loss of luck. This is how casinos make their money, is off people playing longer. Hopefully this gives you some insight.
  10. Easy, just copy it and type it into the bet search on the main site - It will open up in a new modal window with the simplified bet ID. For me, the JSON file isn't an issue but I think the majority have no idea what to do with it or how to view it properly. Guess this is what happens when you have a dev choose how to display something on the site.
  11. You should have never bet with 0 to begin with - I never bet with no wager for this very reason. You never know when the target will come out, and it is quite a shame to miss it due to betting nothing on the roll. Hopefully you keep this in mind the next time.
  12. I've tried this concept at another site, and tbh it was just too confusing for me to play regularly. Also, I ended up losing significantly more than winning, which most of the losses ended up on the outside perimeter. Wasn't fun to say the least.
  13. Probably both. Another thing that helps is to have a healthy bankroll compared to your bets. The bigger gap there is between your bet amount and your bankroll, the better chances of success from what I've seen as it all comes down to probability. And the more chances you have at something, the more likely you will get it.
  14. I still don't understand how people do this - In my many years of gambling I don't remember ever misclicking a bet. I do remember typing in the wrong payout (for example typing win % instead of payout), but Ive not ever just accidentally clicked when I wasn't supposed to. Maybe some of you need to get a better mouse or need to put the substances down lol.
  15. I pretty much only play on manual regardless of payout mainly so I can actually see what numbers have come up - Especially on high payouts, this allows me to adjust the payout to what I think will be coming up soon. Setting to auto imo is the same as spraying and praying. You're just blindly shooting hoping to hit something which may work initially but will eventually catch up to you.
  16. Pretty much all the sites mentioned here suck and I wouldn't recommend depositing even a dollar at any of those places. The only site I can recommend for holdem poker is https://swcpoker.eu/ . Coinpoker is garbage, their coin is worthless and continues to be worthless.
  17. Tbh i'm not sure as I've been gambling on crypto sites since 2014 or so. But if you're talking about in the recent years, it probably has to be around 1.2BTC in a single session. Either that or the time I made 49ETH on Stake in a single session, which was done about a year ago. Lately, the largest amount I've made was prob about 2 weeks ago when I made around 30,000XRP at Stake, or around 0.8BTC. This was in about 2 days.
  18. Rainbot is randomized based on the most recent chatters on PD. In order to receive rain, you also need to be unhidden within settings. Go to Settings -> Preferences and make sure "Hide your Bet Statistics" is unchecked. You should start to receive rain once you do this and start chatting. Keep in mind it's random, so you may not receive it every time. Or if you're lucky, you just may
  19. So for the ones that are receiving reloads as a VIP, which are you currently opting to choose between daily and hourly reloads? Yes, I know daily can end up being more, however you have to take into account that you cannot collect 24 hours every day as you need to take into account the time you sleep and do other things. If you can collect 24 hours daily, then you seriously have an issue. I personally think that receiving hourly reloads does nothing more than fuel your gambling habits which in the end will make you lose significantly more than you could possibly gain from the minuscule hourly reloads. If you haven't tried daily, give it a shot one week. You end up getting a lot more to play with, so you don't bust instantly and are jonesing for the next one in an hour. On a side note, i've noticed that I almost never get anywhere with my reloads regardless of how large it is. Currently I'm getting around 0.0065BTC at Stake and 0.0012BTC at PD daily, yet somehow playing with reloads always ends up significantly worse than when I deposit the same amount myself. One could say that it's because most play more aggressive since it's technically free (i say technically because it actually isn't free, you get it for wagering), however I play the same either way. So what gives? lol Anyone else notice the same thing?
  20. If you do this, its probably a good idea to either slow down or stop gambling. Pretty much the telltale signs of addiction, and regardless of whether its an addiction to gambling or drugs the road is usually quite lonely and desolate. Stop while you still can, as things only get worse from there. And as usual, only play with what you can afford to lose. I know this is said a lot, but many don't seem to take it to heart.
  21. IMO, its not good to focus more on the race than the actual game. Doing so only leads to losing more than you gained from the ordeal. The most strategic thing to do would be to wait until the race and then wager what you normally would have so that you get an added bonus at the end of it (hopefully). This obviously applies to Stake more than PD since PD races are 24 hour "endurance" races. Again, not a good idea to focus on the race prizes more than the actual game itself. In most cases, there will be whales that don't even realize theres a race going on and will blow you out of the water. And since you can't really prepare for such things, its difficult/impossible to accurately gauge where you'll place. Meaning you are trying to make profit blindly which is never a good thing.
  22. Goodness, I just realized the person had to be tagged 24 times. Thats quite a bit lol. What happens if nobody gets tagged that many times? Thanks for the tags btw guys/gals Much love.