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  1. I actually prefer this way. The email thing just too way too long for the vault to be used efficiently. Some people use it for temporary storage as they play in batches of coins to prevent from busting all their coins. In such a case, it just slows the game down for them while they're in the middle of one which can sometimes mess up the overall momentum you've built (whether in luck, how you're betting, etc). With this being said, I think its best to allow users to quickly move coins in and out of the vault. After all, its not meant to be used as something that just makes it difficult for you to get out but rather a place to safely keep a portion of your coins while you're playing. And asking for your password as well as 2fa definitely makes it safe enough for that while making it easy to remove when needed. In short, the email verification was overkill for this feature. Most major banks require less before moving large amounts of funds and they seem to fair well, so I think the way it is now is perfect for the application.
  2. Yes - there are a few things that need to be added back promptly. Mainly the rain log and the bonus log. Im guessing the bonus log isn't in their best interest to have up since people can compare and complain that one got more than the other. But if so, this could be easily mitigated by displaying under the amounts something like (at the time, equivalent to $xx.xx). This way there is no confusions while crypto is doing its volatile increases and decreases in price. I'd really like to be able to see my coupons that I redeemed in the log as well.
  3. @Steve can you please lock this thread - Apparently people think this thread still applies. This has been over for quite some time guys...
  4. I don't even bother cashing out until I hit around 10x what I originally deposited but thats just me. I actually created a questionnaire about this very subject here in this forum category, you should take it so that you can add your personal experience to the results if you haven't already.
  5. Maybe use a DNS such as opendns so that you can block certain sites on it. This way when you try to visit such a site it will make it somewhat difficult to do so. There’s only so much you can do, at the end of the day everything can be bypassed and it takes a bit of self control to accomplish something like this. Good luck, and I hope you are successful.
  6. I believe they are still working on this feature, so you may not receive a text even if you type in your number. Not sure on the ETA of when this will be fully operational.
  7. Keep your eye on ETH if you're trying to ride the wave of a pump. I speculate that it can increase to above $200 depending on how things go with BTC. Provided BTC starts to pump, ETH should reach $200 in the near future. Again, this is based on speculation from TA that I've done on the coin so take this information how you will.
  8. The lowest possible amount to send BTC with currently is 1 sat/byte. I don't know of any wallets that will allow you to send with less than this at the moment. Even if you could, I wouldn't recommend it as sending without a fee provides no incentive for a miner and means they will most likely not add your transaction with their next mined block. Using just 1 sat/byte will still make it so that 99% of transactions will be confirmed in 12 hours or less unless unless there is some other issue with it.
  9. Use an algorithm. For example, you can use the same phrase such as Bocky for every site, but still make the password for every site you visit to be unique. So say for Primedice, the first and last letters are P and E. So you can add P to the beginning of Bocky (PBocky), and then add E to the end (PBockyE). Then, you can do something like add a number based on the number of letters in the name. So Primedice has 9 letters, making your phrase now PBockyE9. If its a single digit, you can further increase the difficulty of the password by just repeating it again (PBockyE99). Finally, its always good to add special characters, which an easy way would be to use the special characters above the number that you just typed. On my QWERTY keyboard, that would be (. So the final password would be PBockyE99(( - Using an algorithm like this allows you to have a different password for every single site you use, and at the same time it makes it so that you don't even need to remember anything beyond your original phrase, which in this example is Bocky. Of course, all of this is just inspiration for you to generate your own algorithm that works for you. Hopefully this helps someone to keep their passwords as secure as possible while also making it virtually impossible to lose or forget. And obviously, don't let anyone know your specific algorithm once you come up with one. The one I use is quite simple, yet it makes the password decently long making it optimal. Do what works for you, and is easy for you to remember.
  10. Jackpot could be 10000 BTC for all I care, its literally impossible to hit due to various things such as the minimum bet amount being so high compared to elsewhere along with the fact that its a manual reporting system. It's very seldom that I see any number in a row twice let alone 77.77. I think this definitely needs to be updated to be more realistic even if it means reducing the winnable amount. There are various jackpot models I've seen on other sites that are more effective than the one here at PD.
  11. So I had an interesting conversation today on PD chat with some fellow players, and it made me curious as to the patterns/habits of online gamblers. One topic that came up was how session goals were correlated to either the success or downfall of a player long term. With this being said, how much do you normally need to make before you actually withdraw each session? I’m curious to see how this correlates to players overall profits/losses along with the length of time you’ve been actively gambling for since you first started. I think answering these simple questions will be able to depict more clearly on what habits are optimal for success in one of the most important aspects for most people gambling, which seems to be profiting from the games played. Since most online gambling works similar in mechanics, please answer the questions on this poll for all gambling that you’ve done online whether on PD or elsewhere. It should be interesting to see which session goal choices bring the most success/failure in both short term and long term gambling.
  12. Yes. When the price is down and starts to rise rapidly, I think it pressures players to try and make profit that much quicker which can lead to the complete opposite of losing money. I tend to notice myself taking bigger risks and betting larger during such situations which usually doesn’t go too well. You would think that the rise of price would have the opposite effect on an individual but this is quite the contrary in most cases.
  13. Most definitely. I think this is more prominent in players who are using gambling as a means to escape from their problems or ones who are already downhill in life. Gambling can take a toll on individuals who live a healthy lifestyle, Let alone ones who already have issues coming into it. I think this is something that should definitely be considered before jumping into the rabbit hole, but it’s difficult to with all of the flashing lights associated with gambling.
  14. Same here actually, its been a few weeks since I've had any luck at both here at Stake. Seems like every time I deposit it just goes downhill lately. Been quite frustrating. The past few weeks have been one of the worst weeks for me in a while. Not sure what's going on but hoping it turns around soon.
  15. I guess with your phone number they can do three factor authentication or can also use it to recover your password if you ever forgot/lost it. Personally, I wouldn't give my phone number out as the whole reason why I prefer cryptogambling over fiat is anonymity. This is just me though, and I'm sure it would be ok to give it out if you wanted.
  16. I don't think there is really any efficient way of hitting 9900x - I've hit it various times in the past, and every time I have its been within about 100 bets or so. I just try for it every once in a while for a set number of bets, and then move to a different payout. Going for 9900x until you hit it is suicide imo, you may get lucky but attempting this too often will surely equate to busting regardless of your balance.
  17. I thought the whole point of playing here was to overcome boredom lol - If you're bored while playing then clearly you aren't playing with much effort. Maybe try increasing the stakes with either higher wagers or higher payouts. The only time Im ever bored here is when I don't have funds to play with.
  18. Once you reach Gold, the added benefits of reaching the next level are pretty negligible imo. I'm a platinum at PD and platinum 3 at stake, and there's almost no difference between the two accounts. Reloads are based on wager, so I dont think the extra platinum levels do anything for me.
  19. Yes 10 every 24 hours. Only way to increase this is through posting more quality content here. WIll most likely take a while though, just a fyi
  20. I don't believe I have a max post with a respected badge. If I do, its definitely higher than I would ever expect to post in a single day. I try to go for quality over quantity when it comes to posts, as this not only helps the site but also the person reading as well. Even if you had a max of 50 post allowance a day, the amount you make from each one is degenerative (meaning you earn less and less on each one regardless of length/quality).
  21. Good luck MrNice23 - its definitely possible. About a month ago I turned 10k that I received from Irena into 1 mil with 5x. This is obviously on the more extreme side, but still it shows that its definitely possible with a little bit of luck and strategy.
  22. I have way too many to really pinpoint to one. The one that probably sticks out the most for me is when I lost 2BTC in a single session with low payouts. Ever since then I don't play low payouts on any dice site.
  23. Both are important. Not sure if you know this, but your rolls are predetermined the moment you set your seed. So essentially, your seed will determine what numbers will come out before you even start rolling. The luck comes into play with you selecting the proper payout at the proper time, since we cant see what will come up until we roll.
  24. Huh? This sounds like a personal issue, as I've never hallucinated from gambling lol. are you sure you aren't talking about epilepsy? Also, don't forget to hydrate and get SLEEP when you need it. Playing for 24 hours or more like Ive see some people do is def a good way to ruin your body as well as your wallet.
  25. Wow this is still going on? Maybe need to reduce the total amount of names lol