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  1. I think reloads are good as they prevent people from busting it all at once. Then again, I guess the casino is banking on the fact that some people won't claim it 100%, which im sure happens quite often for one reason or another.
  2. If you're traumatized by playing, you should definitely stop. The whole point of gambling is to have fun, and if you're not having fun then you're doing nothing but hurting yourself and wasting money. People always think that its about making profit, but theres many other ways you can make profit without so much risk in the real world compared to gambling.
  3. What wheel are you talking about? Like the one at Stake? All the games are essentially based off the same concept as dice, so its really a matter of personal preference and what you tend to play better with. Theres really not much difference in the actual outcomes.
  4. 0.12 Bet: 51,780,339,478 placed by sourc3code on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 3.96x Profit -0.02000000 1.23 Bet: 51,936,717,920 placed by sourc3code on 06/03/2020 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit -0.02000000 12.34 Bet: 51,930,016,070 placed by sourc3code on 05/03/2020 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 3.77x Profit -0.00020000 23.45 Bet: 51,781,532,041 placed by sourc3code on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 3.96x Profit -0.02000000 34.56 Bet: 52,117,383,577 placed by sourc3code on 08/03/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit -4.00000000 45.67 Bet: 52,000,893,882 placed by sourc3code on 07/03/2020 Wagered 0.01500000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00022440 56.78 Bet: 51,763,105,682 placed by sourc3code on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.00032000 Multiplier 3.96x Profit -0.00032000 67.89 Bet: 51,779,963,384 placed by sourc3code on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 3.96x Profit -0.02000000 78.90 Bet: 52,080,821,342 placed by sourc3code on 08/03/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.04080000 89.01 Bet: 51,783,275,135 placed by sourc3code on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 3.96x Profit 0.05920000 Btw the bet history viewer I created works very well for this challenge - if you havent tried it yet, check it out at https://betsesh.com
  5. Even for some of us who wager a lot, the VIP perks alone are definitely not worth busting large sums of coin. The primary focus should always be making profit before anything else. Even at platinum 2, the amount you receive is around $300. May sound like a lot, but its a one time thing and you have to remember platinum 2 is $500k wagered. On average, this means you'll lose around $5k to wager this much, which clearly doesnt compare to $300.
  6. If you have enough balance, just bet on 98% with 0.0001BTC - If you have around 0.004BTC, you can actually get quite a bit wagered. Do keep in mind though this is a loss-based strategy where youll be losing over time in exchange for wager. I only suggest using this if you're close to reaching the next level, not for the whole thing.
  7. No inspiration really, other than the fact that "sesh" is lingo for the word session. So essentially, it means bet session. I was mainly looking for a domain that was short and easy to remember (and relevant of course). This was the best I could find without having to pay $5k+ for the domain
  8. Depends on your personal preference really. Some like to play low payouts, some like to play high payouts. Personally I prefer high variance play (high payouts). Many think that lower payouts are less risk, when this is actually the opposite of the truth. Lower payouts are higher risk as you need to bet significantly higher to get the same results as a high payout hit, and it only takes one or two reds to mess things up. In the end, choose what you are most comfortable playing on and whats the most fun for you.
  9. I think when your losses start to amount, its a good time to take a break. Many try to continue playing and winning back their losses, but this is a surefire way of busting even more and getting into a deeper hole. Self control is key here, which is something a lot of gamblers don't have. Especially in the moment.
  10. I think this is a good option to offer since this way you wont bust it all in one go. Just gotta remember to claim it every day though
  11. This was actually something they were thinking of doing a little while ago, but they never ended up doing it. I believe they were going to offer branded products. It may still be in the pipeline but currently I believe theyre busy with other stuff. Also yeah, it used to be 100k but they lowered it here. At Stake its still 100k minimum.
  12. Are you asking a question or making a statement? Cant really tell by what you wrote initially, can you please elaborate on what you're asking/implying?
  13. Bet: 51,136,314,795 placed by sourc3code on 23/02/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 135.62x Profit 538.46572000
  14. Bet: 50,898,400,005 placed by sourc3code on 21/02/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 173.68x Profit 0.01726842
  15. Yeah, I can usually get ahold of him but lately he hasn't been as active as he used to be. Ill see if I can get in touch with him for you.
  16. So what is the verdict though? How much profit have you made running it for that long? Because if its a negligible amount, then its just a waste of your time and a risk for nothing. Im guessing you started with a very low base bet to do this. Screenshots would be great so we can easily understand what you're doing.
  17. That would be nice if it worked, but I have my doubts as the only way it could remotely pull the data would be from the PD API. Unfortunately theres a limit of only the last 500 bets or so through the API. That option is most likely to view the bets made directly through dicebot, since dicebot saves all this data within its database @Seuntjie can you shed a little more light on how this function works and where it pulls data from?
  18. I think its more that people are playing more at Stake than at PD due to the number of games. PD seems to have a core group of players and it doesn't expand as much as it does over at Stake. I actually prefer it this way though, and its one of the reasons why I stay here to chat more than other places.
  19. So what happened was there were issues with storage during those dates for the archive files. Unfortunately, they aren't retrievable bc of this reason I reported the issue as soon as I saw it, but 2 days had already passed. Hopefully its not a huge inconvenience for you.
  20. Glad you found the post I hope it helps out when you're looking for bets in the future. If you come across anything that can be updated for more efficiency feel free to let me know. I also have a giveaway that I'll be launching that has to do with using the platform here soon, so keep a lookout for that.
  21. I have some CSS that I put together for a true dark mode on PD. I may release it here soon, depending on the time I have. Here's what it looks like once it's implemented.
  22. I agree - hidden players should be excluded from the race, I feel like thats the minimum that someone needs to do in order to qualify. I also think there should be an option in settings to exclude yourself from a race if you want. Similar to how you can for rain.
  23. I spend it on more gambling pretty much, lol - If its not here, its over at Stake. Every once in a while I'll withdraw a good amount and do something with it but it doesn't happen every day.
  24. We have a faucet, its called reload - I like how its currently set up where you need to have wagered a certain amount to receive the faucet rather than letting anyone come and claim it. All that does is cause issues and makes the site remove stuff for people who are depositing it and using it legitimately.