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  1. bitcasino.io. I've hit a royal flush there playing Evolution's Carribean poker. Check my other post under "Whats the most you've won at poker" thread for screenshot
  2. Royal flush, made 3,015mbtc (approx 3 btc) Hit it about 2 months ago @ Caribbean poker. The girls face in the bg is priceless!
  3. Btw, heres an update of my stats Been playing a little too safe lately, so havent increase significantly. Still an increase though!
  4. Thx all, if you wanna know how I did it, it took a lot of discipline and not chasing large multipliers. Just gotta keep a working regiment going and all will be well (most of the time). There are times where you can still bust (technically I should be up 0.1 more than whats displayed, but busted while figuring out my strat), but dont let that discourage you if your strat is working for you. And also, KNOW WHEN TO QUIT GUYS. Playing for 7 days straight is NOT the way to profit! lol, take breaks, let others lose so you can win
  5. Thank you sir! Love the community you've built in conjunction to the site itself, so Im here to stay as long as you are
  6. Definitely BTC. As time has shown, BTC has remained king and it is the determining factor of all other altcoins, whether we like it or not. If BTC goes down, I highly doubt DASH will have much better of a chance at standing firm considering the sheer volume of BTC being transacted, the worldwide acceptance of it, laws being put in place for it, etc. Just my 0.02! Username : sourc3code Thx!
  7. Im guessing the credits accrued here on PD forums is what we'll be using for the shop?
  8. Yeah, thats a good idea as well. Another one would be to have an option to automatically alternate hi/lo every roll on auto.
  9. What is the shop tab for here in the forums? Does anyone have access to it? Bc I don't
  10. imo, it would have been better to do 0.05 with double the winners, at least from a marketing standpoint. But free money is free money, so I guess I cant complain Just my 0.02
  11. Nothing crazy, but compared to my wager amount I consider my profits pretty good Just gotta know when to stop, and IMO chasing high multipliers is a real gamble. A gamble where you usually will lose. Stick with lower wagers + plenty of buffer, mix in some discipline and you can def profit consistently. Check the screenshot attached for proof.
  12. sourc3code

    Real Life Job

    web dev/sr project manager here
  13. IMO it would be great if there was a feature to have the site randomly choose hi/low while also betting for you on manual, set to a keybind (ie. pressing "R"). What do you guys think?
  14. Please re-read the posts in this topic and it should answer your question!
  15. Can any of the admins chime in on this? Also, what about the "Other Sites" section? Are ref links allowed? Just want to make sure I'm adhering to the forum rules.
  16. Thank you for the generosity Edward And thanks for finally setting up a forum specifically for PD. Will be on here often! U:sourc3code
  17. This is something kingdice used to have, and it was very useful. Being able to switch from hi/low during auto on the fly with keystrokes makes such a big difference for me. Yes, I know I can just stop the rolls, but this is highly inefficient in terms of time. Just my 0.02
  18. I second that. Would be nice to have a max wager warning
  19. Nice, so is this announced in the forums or on the site itself?
  20. I'm available and usually online to take on such a task if needed. Im sure others can vouch for my activity in the chat, whether it be my winning (or losing) bets or just chatting about random stuff. Would also be willing to do contests such as trivia or something along the lines of first one to roll xx.xx. Let me know U:sourc3code
  21. Influence. This could also work into the hall of fame page with a column for Most Influential. The algo could be as simple as how many times someones username is called by other members, or you could also take into account various other attributes such as bet size, whether the user has been on the high roller list, how many refs, etc. The level names would be very easy to come up with for influence, I would think. Maybe starting as a Grasshopper and ending with PD Ambassador. It seems that certain people have the power to sway the amount of bets coming in (or lack of), so IMO this is an important factor. Essentially the social factor in metrics.